This Kim from The G is Silent chose for us to write a list about 10 memories of a special man in our life.

Since Father's Day is but a recent memory, many will probably be making lists about their special Daddy-Daughter times.    Well, since I didn't have any of those special memories,  and since you are likely sick of hearing about Left Brain (although, he is pretty special......"my man's ever so dreamy"), I am making a list about the only other man who completely stole my heart.

Well, technically....he's not quite a man yet.   But I do have high hopes for firstborn, Monkey Boy.
Although, clearly, not based upon the defiant stance in this picture.

Ah, yes....the good old days.   when you couldn't move or speak.  
Those were a special couple of months....

So, here we go, special memories, or perhaps Lessons Learned from my first baby, Monkey Boy.

1.  All your high morals will be rent asunder (yes, literally) at the sometimes rather large and often cold hands of 5 medical resident/students......all in the vain hopes of dilating a few centimetres.  

Dear Sirs:  the special memory is NOT of you, but rather, that you did eventually present me with a beautiful baby boy.   I do not consider our time special in Any Way.    P.S.  And don't forget to take of your watch next time.

2.   After 12 hours of labour that is going nowhere....but fast, the words "baby might be comprised" and "break its' collarbone" will allow you to make the decision your OB/GYN has until this point NOT made.   And lightning quick:   "I don't care if you get it out through my nose.....just get it out NOW!"     Again slow-to-make-a-decision-while-I-writhe-in-pain Doc, not special memories.   If not for that fact that you successfully got him out.......I'd be the one doing the cutting.

P.S.  Dear  Anesthesiologist - you, I love.   <3

3.  Baby shit is explosive.   And yes, it can actually hit the fan.   And the dresser across the room.  True Story.

4.  Breast milk can also be explosive.   No...wait, sorry.   Special moment learned with Left Brain.   My bad.  

5.  Remember that time you said you had something for me?   And you held out your tiny, cute little finger?   And I picked it up and discovered........Boogie.    Yes, that was a lovely bonding moment.  Thank you for that.

(Didn't fool me on the poop one though, did ya.   No, I knew that wasn't chocolate.  I sent you to daddy for that one.    High Five up high son.)

6.   2  Words:   Dry Cheerios.   best for sharing.   and amusing your tired, cranky butt while waiting for my own meal.

7.   For reminding me what is was like to live with dorm mates.  Because life with a toddler is like living in with a wee drunk.   You drink a lot, you puke, you pee yourself, you think you can sing,  you shout, you fall down... a lot, and you often smell like sour vomit and stale cigarette smoke.   Ok, maybe not that last one.

8.   For also reminding me that the best way to end a long day is a good soak in a warm tub followed by cozy foot pajamas.   Best. Invention. Ever.

9.   For the allowing me the privilege of all your "firsts":  food, words, steps; and especially that time at the check out when you cried out, "My Penis.  It's hard -- It's really hard!"  
Super Special Time for Mom.    Couldn't have said that one for daddy, eh?

10.    For showing me the strength and power of little arms when they hug, and the magical healing power of "I love you mommy."

Gotta a special guy in your life?
Do tell.

NEXT UP:   Tuesday Coffee Chat:   This the final week of school for the kiddos.   What am I gonna do?   Prayers and wine much appreciated.  
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