Rainy Monday morning.    Perfect timing for a list about fun in the sun!


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1. Picnics.     What's the appeal of eating outdoors with the wind and the bugs?  If you live under snow for 6 months - you'll understand.    

2.   Bible Camp.    Which I am probably one of the rare few who have the honour of being kicked out of.    It's a long story which involves a lot of string, a bottle of Pert, and a boy's cabin.    I'll just leave you with that.

 3.   Unlimited sleepovers at your best friend's house because - hey - NOT a school night!   (I will be a much wiser parent and remember such a loop hole.)

4.  Short shorts/Daisy Dukes.   Although.....a lot of people tend to make very bad decisions when it comes to shorts.   (You know who you are Ms. Walmart Shopper I had the unfortunate privilege to be following the other day when you dropped your sunglasses.)   


Yes - even if you are so blessed to have a banging, smokin bod.
No peekie-peekie cheekie-cheekie please.

5.   Sandy Beaches and the little towns that surround them.    Midnight bonfires and roasted marshmallows and a guitar that echoes out over the waves.   Those same waves crashing their own music upon the shores as you lay cozy in your tent.  

And of course....boys and beach volleyball.   I cannot say enough about boys and beach volleyball ;)

Just for fun.   You're welcome :)

Yes - this really is Ontario, Canada - Picton Beach/Sandbanks Provincial Park

Grand Bend - again, yes - Ontario, Canada!

Canada Tourism in the Town of Wasaga Beach Canada Tourism in the Town of Wasaga Beach, Ontario
Wasaga Beach - Ontario, Canada
 Thanks to an abiding love for playing beach volleyball........I may  have logged more than a few hours in the sand, surf and....surrounding, um....culture.

6.    I can finally wear things like this:

hello lover.....

7.   Camping.   True camping - not "glamping".    Meaning you wake up in your tent that's a little damp from the morning dew because the screaming baby 4 sites down woke everyone up at O'God'O'Clock and even the birds are pissed at it, and you are on the ground because your air mattress leaked out all its air....and you really have to pee but it's so frickin cold and  I wonder if the fire is still going?     Yeah, that camping.   Awesome.

8.   Family Car trips.   1,500 km (Yank translation = 900 miles) long car trips.  With 3 kids.   And DVD players.   And Walmart's where you can stop and buy new DVD players when the kids break the current one.   And they even sell movies there too - Bonus.    And let you pee.  Winning!

9.   Fireworks.  and Parades.  and Canadian Flag face tattoos.   And really......any old excuse to fire up the grill and have a party.

yep....that's my bum.   Happy Canada Day!

10.    Summer fairs and horse shows.    The sounds of the midway, the scents of candy floss mingled with horse and leather, and the thrill of being turned upside down after consuming a hot dog, lemonade, Cracker Jacks,  and 1 candy apple.    Awww.....nothing compares.    
As for the horses:    If you have never woken up and dragged your sorry, tired butt out into the barn to wash your horse before you have even had a shower.....you don't understand.

that is me on the horse.....told ya I was a cowgirl!

Hold on folks....just a wee bit longer and Summer will be here!

 warm wishes sign