Today we are writing 10 THINGS THAT MAKE YOU GO HMMM. 

 Topic is chosen by Erin and Ellen, The Sensible Moms.

WTF topics?   Live with 3 children and a Left Brain?

No stinking problem.    Here's how it goes down on any given day.

1.   Why can children hear the theme song to Jake and the Neverland Pirates from the neighbours'......down the street:    But not hear you ask --  3 times -- to come here?   Here.  Here child.   Come HERE!

2.   Why do they just stand there and stare at you?   Even the dog from across the street came on the 2nd command;  and I wasn't even calling him.    Why, why, why.....with those eyes in your head?  Can you not hear me?

3.   "What?"   Are you kidding me?  What with the what?     Pause.
Ah crap.....I have forgotten the "what".    please get here quicker next time.

4.   Ever notice how you cannot get children out of the pool, the lake, the freezing cold with melted snow and ice early spring mud puddle:    but screaming ensues at the mere mention of bath time?   Come HERE!

5.   Do all men consider bath via baby wipes adequate cleansing routine after day spent in sun, sand and murky lake water?    S'sly?    Get in your own are NOT sleeping here.

6.   Fact.  Children who hate to pick up their own toys and dirty laundry will spend hours stock piling broken clam shells, rocks, beer bottle caps and cigarette butts from local water park. 

7.   File Under "This Goes Here - That Doesn't Go There":   Tired mothers will remember to take the bottle of wine out of the trunk and put it in the fridge.....but forget the shells, caps and butts in her short pockets and wash them. 
Although....caps n' shells sound pretty frickin cool on spin cycle - gotta say.

8.   Children who have had much fun in the sun during a long weekend:  so much that they wake up at the crack of dawn despite late nights of bonfires; will sleep in on Monday morning.   

9.   Coffee makers don't like Monday mornings either.    See Here for reminder

But apparently they love Left Brain'd people and deliver promptly upon request.

10.   Left Brain people don't like it when you drink their coffee.   Geesh - even the kids know how to share. 

Is it just me, or do Mondays make you go "hhhhhmmmm?"

NEXT UP:  Tuesday Coffee Chat -- What R U Loving?

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