Happy Father's Day to all you well deserving dads out there!

Yes, Left Brain, you are included in that category ;)
the kids don't care if you take out the trash after all     *cheeky*

And I am very sorry that they keep taking your Lord Of The Rings bookmark out of your book.
But it's got a shiny gold ring on it -- what did you expect?  

Aside from that, I have a confession.
Actually, if you were around a year ago....I kinda already made it HERE.  

This is often the hardest, most emotional day of the year for me.    Even though I am all grown up now with kids of my own and supposed to be so much wiser and "together".    And since my own children  have a wonderful father:  and I get to see that example in my own home everyday.  Blessing!    But the word "father".......... can be like acid on my tongue.

 I do not have any relationship with my biological father.  No memories.   Nothing.   Which means my children also miss out on knowing a grandfather.   And that is such a shame to me.   That not only did he miss out on my entire life.   (Would it even bother him that another man walked me down the aisle?)   He's also missing out on some pretty great - and cute - grand kids.   And that kinda breaks my heart.

Which is strange because at this age, I really didn't think he could break it anymore.
Funny dat.
Right again Frodo - there are some things that time cannot mend.

As for  Dad 2.0 (aka the first step dad.  do try to keep up, kay?)   Well, I doubt very much anyone misses him.   Nuff said there.

But Dad 3.0 (current step dad), well, he is pretty much the awesome sauce.  Some things are better late than never.

And thus we have the bittersweet flavour that is this day.    

But you know the thing about acid, right?    If one is not careful, it can do more damage to what it's stored inside, than to that on which it's poured.   

Which means, even though there are times when old wounds are laid bare and a stab of pain can still catch your breath:   it does no good to let them fester.    The best revenge is to Live Well!

And I feel I beat those odds.   Despite some hurts that went too deep - I made it through to the other side and found my bliss.    So whatever this day may bring forth in you:   my simple advice to you?

Don't let anyone steal your joy.  Just. Don't.

Oh, and everyone loves an under-dog.

Poetry Workshop
Oye me.  This of course was a painful one to get out.    I am considering it a work in progress.

A young girl's first love
strays none too far
she counts not daisy petals
nor wishes on a star
it arrives with her birth
in most cases, much before
and soon proves it worth
till it's all she'll dream of

she'll watch this man
as the years march along
while she's dancing on feet
and singing their song
when under night skies
she makes dusks' first wish
and vows no compromise

and let down her biggest fan

and what may come
if that love turned to dust?
and all those golden dreams
slowly turn to rust?
and anger and fear
are the tune she now plays
along a path now unclear
where all has come undone.

the lonely night surrounds
the shadows slowly creep
and upon her bed of broken dreams
silently she'll weep
the whisper of another name
with healing power spoke
and while it covers her shame
confusion still circles round

so be worthy all you guys
who hold the title "Dad"
your hands' hold the stuff of dreams
be sure no nightmares you add
so when arrives that special day
when by her side you walk
in asking why: you can hear her say:
Because He has my Father's Eyes.

Agh.  Yes.   Progress must be made.

Happy Father's Day Left Brain --  you of the lovely eyes.   Since you're on the night shift, I am letting you sleep, instead of the kids pouncing on you  waking you up with their hand made treasures.    Great gift, non?
 warm wishes sign