Positively Pampered Patty

Welcome to the Great Canadian Blog Bash 2012!

 Once again, a very special thank you to our fabulous hosts, as well as the terrific sponsors.

This is my second time participating - last year was so much fun discovering new Canadian bloggers.   You are a talented bunch out there and I so totally dig that about you!

If you want to see my post from last year GO HERE.

My name - here at least - is RoryBore and I am the  mom "me" behind  Time Out For Mom.
Let's see, what do I talk about?  hhmmm.
I think the better and easiest shorter route would  be, What won't I talk about? 
Pretty much nothing is off limits. 
I do try to keep it in the G rating category, but sometimes....well, sh$t happens right?

I also have a weekly meme, Tuesday Coffee Chat, that I host.   The topic is previewed the week prior, and you are welcome to return each week to link up your post on the subject.    Topics range widely from the controversial,  thought-provoking, to the down-right unusal. 

THIS ONE has a very Canadian tone only....well, another Canuck is likely to understand.

While I got just a wee bit silly with the thought of an Elevator Dance Party  on this chat.

I've also been known to bust out a prose or two as well.   
If you check out this unedited stream of consciousness, you'll pretty much be caught up on the last 8 years of my life.  

Whew!  Goes by fast doesn't it?

So, what do I have for you this year?   Discovery Channel did it first, but I think this version is pretty awesome too.

C'mon....you know you want to sing along!

Looking forward to meeting many more of you this year, and thank you kindly for stopping by!
 warm wishes sign