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This week’s co-host is Beth Ann from It's Just Life – she came up with the last two statement.

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 1. When I get on iTunes to find just one song, I get lost in the music and literally hours can pass.   Far more addictive for me than Pinterest......it's like crack for my ears.   I downloaded 18 songs last night!   18!    I see a long walk in my near future.

 2. I wish I was more organized.    What...that door over there?   YOU DO NOT WANT TO GO IN THERE.  Trust.

3. If the world is my oyster then (ah, kudos for obscure Shakespeare reference....luvs!) than all that lies before me, whether sunny joy or shrouded gloom...is but mine for the taking.    Explore with wonder people!!   That be your pearl.

4. My favorite meal of the day is certainly not the protein shakes Left Brain is forcing me to consume and the food I think would be my favorite to eat then would be just out about anything that requires actually chewing.    Seriously, like rawhide and chewing tobacco would be better right now.

It's a day off school for my young,uns today, and I am sooo grateful for the blessing that it is also Left Brain's weekend off.    Timing....meet perfect!     Later on it's a birthday BBQ and bonfire with friends.    A Sunday planned with my step-sister and her lovely family -- pretty sure that will also turn into BBQ/bonfire.    

So me in a nutshell.......Grilling and chilling folks!      

Cheers, enjoy the jam and have a good one!

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