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This week’s co-host is Nani from The Chronicles of Nani - she came up with the last two statements.

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This week’s statements:

1. I always dance around the bathroom when I brush my teeth.
S'sly - there may be something wrong with me.    I don't hear voices in my head....it's just music, I swear it!

2. Loading the dishwasher correctly is very hard for me to do.    What?   Who?  ha ha - very funny Left Brain.   Last time I leave Password Safe open.  

3. Whenever I eat Lays Wavy Chips, I want to watch this old commercial over and over and over:

Do you remember this?

That was 1994!!!  
On my word -- that's a long time to have a crush on someone ;)

4. If I ruled the world, racism and hatred wouldn’t exist and everyone would know what it felt like to be Loved for who they were above all.

Short and sweet today me hearties.
My mom is coming to visit.....which means cleaning time.   And I don't run the vacuum very well either.  *eye roll*

The kids love it though --- it has a light and everything.     I'll turn out the lights; it'll be like a game for them.    I'll hide somewhere, they can search while pushing the vacuum.    Kinda like  "Marco Polo"......but with less water.    Hopefully.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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