Good Day and welcome to another edition of Coffee Chat!
As always, my eternal thanks to all those who continue to participate, or leave comments on my odd - although most certainly amusing and thought-provoking, right? -  little chat topics each week.

Last Weeks' was one of my very favourites --- you think you know a person until you are trapped in an elevator with them!
And I still say the whole Elevator Dance Party thing just might catch on.

I have been scarce in blogging land lately.   I have missed 2 of my Poetry Meme Prompts now (my deepest apologies to Janice - I promise I am not gone for good.)    I didn't do my Four Fill In Fun on Friday, and Monday came and went with no Lists made.  I've tried to be a good lil twat on the Twit too; but it is so hard to keep up!   

I really needed to step back for a week and lighten the load a bit.   
I promise, it is related to this week's topic:

Since my recent birthday, I have been quite reflective and pensive.  I have concluded that Memories are the staircase to our most treasured things.   Share a great memory, and why/how it affects you now.

As such, I have been appropriately reflective. Which initially translates to Non Productive.  A Slow Stalling of the creative juices if you will.    Hopefully, also temporary.

And I must give fair forewarning to those of you who might be under the impression my blog is Like.The Funniest.Evah!    Today, I dial down the funny bone tickling a fair amount.

(never fear, living with Left Brain and these 3 kids guarantees many humorous future tales of sh*t dancing,  amorous nocturnal head injuries, and of course, I might even say broken vagina again.  Although I seriously pray Not.)

The problem with tripping down Memory that you might have forgotten it is a potential tidal wave of emotion.   One can drown in giddy, rainbow-coloured wistful imaginings of days gone by;  or, be tossed asunder by crashing waves of doom and carried out to sea.

For those who know me well, it's no secret I have both.   
But then again, don't we all?

I could wish that such things had never come to me.....that such hurts had never taken hold.   I can't go back and undo them.   There are indeed some things that time cannot mend.   Some things reach into your very soul, and you are forever changed. 

Help Me Gandalf!!!

So do all who live to see such times, but that is not for them to decide. 

All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

One of my most favourite scenes in Lord Of The Rings.    Because it is such a powerful, little nugget of truth.    We can choose what to carry forward with us, and what to leave behind.    It's hard to live a life that has an ever present dark stain on even your best memories.    A shadow that has crept along beside you and cast its' gloom upon each treasured moment.

Wouldn't it be so much more glorious to be full of life, and love, and light?
I think so ---  I am half sick of shadows!    (bonus points....where's that quote from?)

So in my life, come what may, I am choosing that my staircase of memories goes UP: to a filled to the beams attic of my most treasured possessions.   All that I am, all that I come from, all that I want to be.    Regret, and denial,  and self-hatred do not reside here, for they warp and blur the edges of my minds most happy moments.   They are the most fearsome enemies of my remaining time.    They would seek to leave me spent and broken err I ever emerged from moonlight to daylight: where a new day awaits.   And new memories begin.

I am determined to live in the light and greet each new day with wonder.
And I know this much is true.......I never smile alone.

 Here are some of my most treasured happy thoughts/best memories:

1. building tree forts with neighbour kids
2.  playing Barbie dolls with my best friend....All.Day.Long
3. first crush   (where are you now BB?)
4. a horse named Beauty
5. a dog called Christie, another named Shep who hated thunderstorms, and another called Sam who   loved mud puddles, and yet another most dear named Benji
6. vacations with cousins --- even if we hauled hay and mucked out stables
7. haylofts, swings, and newborn kittens
8. Christmas at grandparents and knowing family is the greatest gift of all
9.  jumping off a dock into a cool lake
10.  still warm home-made breads and buns
11.  picking berries (even if I couldn't eat them)
12.  late night play rehearsals and making the best of friends
13. skipping school due to "ski fever" or "beach bum" ;)
14. overcrowded, over-loud, sleepless dormitories
15  field parties, Molson Poker nights, Folklore, The Nac, The Rideout, NKOTB concert, and other foggy memory nights
16.  that English magician busker,  Tom Cruise look-a-like, Colin James hotel, the DU frat house door code, The Guvernment, Jamaica trip,  the real reason I  love Freedom 90, and other things not to tell your mother about Ever
17. dancing till dawn followed by greasy breakfast
18.  campfire sing along with Rick McGee and yes always, Hotel California please
19. sunsets over a lake and really, really great kisses that you feel in your toes
20.  NYC or Bust  (aka No Sleep Till Brooklyn!)
21.  a bookshelf filled to overflowing......and load that iPod too
22.  the one that broke my heart -- and taught me so much   (the little sh$t -- sorry, I digress)
23.  the one that caught my heart - holds it still - and still, I am learning
24.  the 3 that snuck in and stole it right outta my chest and carry it with them daily - and yes, still learning
25.  Knowing in my knower that I am loved, and while imperfect: forgiven
26.  the wisdom of age that transcends the foolishness of youth --- but just enough so that you can have a secret smile while you rock on that porch in your golden years.

Well, well, lookie there ---- seems like I made that list after all.

What memories do you hold close to your heart?  

NEXT WEEK:    Let's Get Physical!   Whoa, whoa.... I do mean of the actual exercise variety.  I have been doing many different types of workouts to get My Sexy Back lately.   I get bored so easily though.    Do you have an exercise routine?  Help......Please Share. (and by that I mean, please come over here everyday and kick my butt.)

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