Welcome to another edition of Coffee Chat! 
Hosted by your sorta kinda well rested from her weekend of dual celebration host Rory.

My eternal thanks and gratitude for all of you who continue to clink a cup with me each week.

As most of you know, this past weekend marked both my birthday of a number yet unmentioned  AND Mother's Day on the same day.

And due to much groaning a conversation with Left Brain, who clearly might just require a Husband Whisperer Refresher course, the question has been posed:

Does he need to buy 1 gift, or 2 gifts - minimum?

Now I don't mean to seem greedy, or ungrateful.    I had a good weekend, I won't lie.    And much comment has been made of his most willing sacrifice to watch offspring while I lay abed.   Lucky me.   Indeed, in truth; I am very thankful for any way that my crumbs on counter, underwear on floor, knocked me up 3 times  husband contributes to easing my workload.  *side eye*

Um...did you not read the part about continued interruptions from said offspring?
I submit - that is not sleeping in.
There was no actual sleeping.   I tried to sleep.  Sleep wanted to meet with me.  We forged a plan amongst soft, clean covers, a cozy duvet, and properly blackened windows.    But they wouldn't let us meet.  Nay, Nay.  

There was a time I would have given in and gotten up.   But I have gradually taught myself to enjoy basking in these moments; regardless of whether the house falls down around me.   Since I am well aware perfection is an illusion anyway.   You can learn this too.   It's really easy.   Just.Stay.Put.
You're welcome.

Thus, believe it or not, I am tired today.     Seems inconceivable, I know.  And yet - a yawn so big my jaw cracked Just Happened.

You see, I suspect you are all falling a wee bit in love with Left Brain....I have been making him looking pretty good lately.   Nightstand incidents aside.   But you have to also consider:  he is a shift worker; which means there are many, many times I go it alone.   Only seems fair that his turn comes around every now and then.   And you know....he is still a man.  And thus, somewhat flawed - at least in his holiday preparation skills.

 The most wonderful thing about this past weekend was that my mom and dad were also here.   So, so happy.  Seriously -- priceless gift is the love of family.   Proper props.    But company = clean house.   Who do you think spent most of Friday cleaning it prior to arrival?

And since I woke up this morning to learn I not only had to endure my driver's license mugshot, but also to discover that no actual cleaning or picking up of toys, etc. had occurred all weekend long - what do you think I spent today doing?
That's right - laundry, cleaning and sorting of much little people amusement knick knacks that had been merely shoved to a corner of the rec room.    Thanks ever so much.

So yes.  I did not have to do anything on Mother's Day/birthday.   Awesome.

I got to do it all on Friday and Monday instead!   Not. Awesome.

Consider this my Public Service Announcement to any men/fathers who might be lurking in the background of this blog:   If you want to truly give your wife and the mother of your children a break, I highly recommend that you do everything that she normally does.   Walk a mile....your shoes are far more comfortable anyways.

That is, if you truly seek to honour all that she does.    Really, how could you honour it, if you have no clue what it is she actually does?   There is nothing worse than having a very nice relaxing and enjoyable weekend -- only to discover on Monday morning that the work is actually still just waiting there for you.  That's just postponement of daily duty -- not an actual break from it.

Now before you all rally to Left Brain's defense, of course he did much other work to make the weekend special.   I never cooked a meal, or cleaned up after one - and that is a fantastic gift.   I do believe I would take that over any sparkling bling any day.   I AM that easy.

 And I know you are all dying to know the answer to the gift question.   Right?

Well, technically, he did buy me an early present a couple of months ago - my eReader.  Love it.
But as of yet, no follow up.

So, to help my loving man out a bit, might I make a suggestion on gift #2?

As in, to be able to actually read a book on previously mentioned gift?
Dearest children, do feel free to help your father out with above task.  I will buy Oreos.

Dear family, you are my most precious, priceless gifts.   I need nothing else.   I love you all madly.    I would not trade this crazy, busy, pull my hair out one day, burst with love another day, life for anything in the world.    Except:

....next birthday/Mother's day - at least one half day spent at a spa, bookstore, cafe, or otherwise child free zone.   A hotel night would be golden, I won't lie.

Those are my demands......or I don't reveal the location of all the toys I cleaned up today.   Or your underwear.  Good luck.

Your Loving Mommy

NEXT WEEK:    Oh no!   Your elevator just suddenly stopped!!  Who would you like to be stuck in there with you?  Why?   Or, who would be the absolute worst person to be stuck in an elevator with?

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