I realize that videos of your children's accomplishments are often only interesting to the parents.

But a promise is a promise, and I promised the kids I would post on my blog.

You see, these kids in this video: they did some amazing things this past school year. Their accomplishments were not solely limited to the classroom, or the playing field.  Nay, nay.
They soared right out of the those school brick walls and into their community; and the world beyond.

When the town and Education Board said, "New school yard play equipment? Sorry, not in the budget."
They said, "we'll raise the money ourselves."

And they did.

When they learned that children in Africa often have to walk great distances to school....if they even get the chance to go to school at all:  did they say "oh, lucky them" and return to their video games?
No.   They said, "let's build a school in Africa."

$100.00 per brick - let the campaign begin.   They sold baked goods.   And books.  And basket raffles.   And donated their own money.

And they built a school in Kenya, Africa:   Brick by Brick
over $9,000.00 they raised!!

Can I just get a "woot, woot" right now?

 But was that enough?  Nay, Nay.
When they learned that there was no school supplies.....back to the campaign trail they went.
And they got those school supplies too.

So yeah, do I mind giving up some blog space for a day to say "Well done and Thank you A.J Charbonneau Public School."???

Heck no.
I know kids get into trouble.   They are often sticky.   They complain.  They grumble.  They can drive you insane at times.   But sometimes, if you show them the way -- you might just be surprised at how easily, willingly and remarkably they follow.

Sometimes:  the kids are alright.

the new climbing structure

slide - you can see Angel Girl in purple jacket and backwards cap bottom left

And, I do apologize -  Peter Jackson I am not - the sound on the following video is utter rubbish.   As mentioned though, I promised I would post the video of the special surprise they had for all the parents and attendees at the Open House. 

So proud of every single one of them.
It does take a village folks.   It most certainly does.

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