It's been a pretty busy week here.
Soccer has started - 3 nights a week I must face the dreaded "soccer snack" dilemma.  
Arghhh....more on that later.   After my box of glass of wine.

Outside the home there be duties that are clamoring for my attention.    Because there surely isn't enough to do around here.  *eye roll*

Also, with writing Honey Do Lists,  and chatting about getting trapped in elevators.  

Thought I might be having a case of writer's block.

I know, I's shocking even to me that I might have nothing to say.  

The circle keeps spinning faster, ever closing tighter and tighter....much like these 4 walls we reside within.  And one giant never ending pile of laundry. 
(seriously, who's idea was it to put a sandbox in the backyard?  Left Brain:  Yours.   Me:  Are you sure?  because that just makes work for me - that can't be right!?   Left Brain:  all you.   Me:  Never mind.   Left Brain:  here's your wine.)

Whatsa a crazy busy mom to do?

Seek thine inspiration elsewhere:

So.......we did.
(click to enlarge)

Thus, if I have been scarce, or tardy lately it's because the sun has smiled upon us and we are basking in it's glow.    This is Canada you know.......the snow shovels are only recently packed away, and still within reach!

 warm wishes sign