I would hate that my Listicle and Coffee Chat readers be left with the impression that I am whiny, complaining witch, best left in prone position.  A giant coffee mug left within reach before any attempts of dialogue.
Ok, maybe that last one is partially true.

And I will confess to much tongue-in-cheekiness ;)

But, to clarify something I perhaps left unsaid in previous posts:   that title up there translates to "my treasure", and for the record, I do indeed know where mine lies.   I have counted my blessings.....and they do indeed runneth over.

Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times. 
Allen Klein 

And in case photographic evidence was required:

hand made with love (click to enlarge and read poem)

lovely beauties for my garden

Feeling fine and on my second cup,
Love Mom

 warm wishes sign