Happy Mother's Day everyone!

And of course, Happy Birthday to me!     Here's my birthday Jam!

 Feel free to dance.....although, I'm probably still in bed.

Let's hope.    Spoiled Much Lately?

And this weekend has been truly great.     A date night with Left Brain and my Dear Dad to see Avengers on Friday night.  (awesome sauce! just.go.see)   Beer and nachos after ( cuz I am cool to hang with da boyz like dat.)

A lovely evening of coffee/dessert, fellowship and a fantastic guest speaker with my mom at an event hosted by my church. (I realize that somewhat counter acts the above stated beer and nachos....read on, you'll get it.)     The men served us.    God Bless 'em!

What more could a mom/lying 30 something ask for?   Is that not perfection?

Poetry Workshop

The Perfect Mother
It is Mother’s Day.  Almost every kid in the world will be shouting out how his or her mother is “The Best Mom” ever.  Mug sales will go up 600%.  But what about you?  What qualifies as “The Perfect Mother?”  Tell us in a poem!

I am sooooo not a perfect mom.   Not remotely.   I am not even sure I want to be.
Although, I think I was raised by a darn near as close to perfect mom.   So, that's something.

But me....yeah, I probably shouldn't let this secret out, but I do confess to longing for more than hearth and home.    I still have dreams, desires.....designs on life.  None of which have anything to do with my children.    You forgive me, right?  

This is how it looked; while sitting on my back deck, under warm sunny skies, with a cup-o-joe, while one napped, one visited a friend, and the other was entertained by grandparents --- and Left Brain sat in companionable silence reading by my side:

The sun is high in cloudless sky
the breeze a warm caress
the buzz of life among my blooms
while I sit and ponder - why?

A morning dove rests head upon wing
from its perch upon my fence
with all the glory of sun and sky
why would ever a caged bird sing?

these flowers too, with springly scent
with riotous colour faithfully return'd
soon to die, yet cheerfully greet
why - for a life so briefly spent?

what secrets learned in a gilded cage
or unearthed in rich soil depths
is truth found in a moments' time
caught, pass'd down through the age?

when looking back, with mothers' eyes
when settles the daily dust of life
when all my wanting stills to rest
what will remain of my wondering why's?

are they the cage I have built -
in seeking some sweet perfection?
moments neatly constructed and forced
until both song and bloom alike now wilt?

is true freedom found in hitting the mark;
or when there's no more race to run?
and this house of love, falls empty and still
its once fingermarked walls whitely stark

What if joy stealthily found its way
in a moment that seemed lost
and beauty grew from ashes pain
Could peace spring from such a day?

And I too, on rested wing
do I lift my head to the sun?
looking past the bars which hold
and with full heart simply sing?

Ah, a simple life, what beauty be?
when I no longer seek hard "to do"
but to bloom, and soar, and sing
and just simply perfect - being me.

Aye, a womans' heart is a deep well
and a mothers' is fuller still
so I find my perch, and lift my voice:
and in loving binds, forever dwell.

And a bonus:   because Hey - you're all so special and I big fluffy heart you.  

Others, but
Not me.

Have a most blessed and rested Mother's Day to all my readers who are privleged to have carried a tiny being within you, pushed it out, then nurtured and loved it above all else ....and then watched in horror as it wreaked havoc and ran amok around your previously design magazine worthy home.  The final insult, as you bend back once more to labour:  a wayward Lego to bare heel.
Well played kiddos.

Ya, perfection  is over-rated.

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