First off:   shout out to my fellow Canucks:

Happy Victoria Day!!

Since it is a holiday Monday, this list will be short and sweet.    You don't want to be stuck inside reading my blog on such a lovely day, right?
it is day 4 alone with the kids since Left Brain has been on nights all weekend long and mama's just about ready to go stir crazy unless she get these loud and annoying  darlings outside in the happy sunshine.  

It is finally hot, so perhaps a trip to the local splash pad, non?

Which segues quite nicely to our very first item -   how special!

1.  Husbands should remember to remove wet bathing suits and towels from the backpack after last swim lesson.    They dry better for the next trip that way.    Fact.

2.  Husbands who work nights and are absent 4 nights per week should not get upset with wife's sudden and overwhelming obsession to watch all the Elijah Wood movies she has missed at theatre since birthing his children. 
Um, that would be Left Brain's children, not Elijah's......in case there was any confusion.    Although, Angel Girl does have huge blue eyes.  Just a coincidence - move along folks.   

And I promise honey, the appeal is 80% based on pure talent....and only about 20% on the eyes.  :)

3.  Naturally, husbands should do their best to encourage and enable their spouses desires and dreams.    This could look so different on any given day.    Maybe bring me coffee (right.now.is.good), take the kids out of  the house so I can hear myself think for once,  uninterrupted bathroom time, or you know.....just let me continue to stay home once all the kids are in school so that I can have time to write that novel.    You love your job that much, right?

Fine.  I'll settle for Wilfred, Season One DVD.    I swear, it's the dog - he cracks me up.
and that coffee.

4.   I believe it's been said here before; a simple equation that bears repeating:    if it wants the sex, it takes the trash to the curb.    S'sly, it was in my vows.

5.   Husbands must certainly and with due diligence know when a text conversation is completed.    I'll make it easy for you:   I know you love me, I know you are "OTW" (on the way), yes I will want a Timmy's, and yes....the children are at the current moment fine.  

6.   Husbands must give good attention to feet.   I don't care that I am not pregnant any longer, I still  have earned it.   Tell you what.....we'll consider it foreplay.
Yes, you still have to take out the trash.

7.   Husbands must always flex their bicep when their wife touches their arm.    Just.Humour.Me

8.   Husbands, if it is finally your day off and you assume house responsibilities so your wife can have a break, and in the course of your busy day you forget to take out something for supper  -- the correct response is:  "Yes, I have been craving *insert appropriate take out menu here* too.  I'll call, you enjoy your book/music/nap."

9.   Husbands should always come and get a kiss upon leaving and entering the house.   Because, life AND love is really about all the little things we do each day.   And who doesn't want to know they are missed when they are gone?

10.  Husbands who are in tune with their marital ESP and deliver a coffee to their wife while she is writing her Listicles, should most certainly get a kiss of thanks......and a bum pinch followed by saucy wink.

Because life and love, should always, always hold the whisper of a Promise.

Now, go hug your man - they need your love more than you think.
If you're single, or your man is away, or sleeping off the night shift.....might I suggest watching Everything is Illuminated as suitable and temporary replacement?    You're welcome.

 warm wishes sign