Monday fairly thou greeteth me.

Yes, I know you already hate me for my awesome sauce Left Brain'd mate, so I fear to tell ya: this late link up can I only mean one thing.   I was still abed.

I did get to sleep in pretty much all weekend.   But in my defence,  there was  2 bottles of birthday wine to consume some celebrating to do.    

But if you visit here often enough, you should already know --- it's not all Perfection.

There's 2 sides to every story - and a mother's life is no exception.

Allow me to illustrate my yin and yang.    Perhaps, you will love me again by the end.

1.   I do confess to much sleeping in and overall laziness this weekend, while Left Brain and my parents tackled child, meal and clean up duty.   I won't was nice.   I could get used to it.


2.   Child wrangling is not a perfect science apparently.   Even when the ratio of adult to child is perfectly even.   Thus, despite 3 adults to run interference of my 3 children:  well, I use the term sleep in loosely.     Number of morning visits:  and by that I mean barge through the door yelling and take running leap onto bed to land on prone mama:

Monkey Boy:  3, per morning - but 50 kisses should mean forgive all, right? 
Angel Girl:   slightly more considerate in visits - 2, but no mercy had from her knee drop to midsection; repeatedly
Zoo Zoo:   countless.   and locks are no good.  she knows how to insert a steak knife and jimmy the lock.   I sh*t you not.      Seriously - my toddler scares me.

3.   Left Brain is indeed a sweetheart.   Willing to tackle the challenges of solo parenting and stout of heart in his courage and commitment to see the plan through, and ensure mama gets a break.

hhhmmmm....selfless much? 

4.   The flip side:    What is universal domestic truth?  If mommy isn't happy, no one is happy.    Further, happy mommies know how to make happy daddies.   I think you know where this is going.     I assure you:   there IS something in it for him ;)

5.   I do offer a  husband whisperer course for any interested.   Do you really think he came out of a box like that?

6.     With Mother's Day and a birthday in the same weekend - nay, the same day!   I bet you're thinking I got soooo spoiled.    Well, I did get some lovely gifts: both of the lovingly hand-made and beautifully packaged store variety (come back for tomorrow's chat to see).   No complaints there.

But, what does mama really want?

7.   See that little bird in the bottom corner that states "Fly".   That means "back to top" if you click on it, you'll be taking to the top of the page, where you should clearly read "Time Out For Mom".    There, I've told what I want, what I really, really want.......    But alas, no truly quiet or solitary moments had this weekend.     I remain positive for next year nonetheless.

8.   Naturally, because Left Brain has taken and passed (had to adjust the bell curve a bit, don't mind saying) his Husband Whisperer Course, he "allowed" me a sleep in again this Monday morning.  And this time, was wise enough to take the sole child in his care, Zoo Zoo, for a walk.  Thus ensuring quiet house.   *sigh*

Upon return...

9.   He's a smart man I tell ya.  Or, the course works.  He delivered the news with a hot cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun.

"Get up babe - we gotta go to the DMV, you're license is expired - gotta renew.  Get in the shower; you'll probably need a new picture too."

Oh Monday.  You never let me down in your complete and sneaky suckage.

A picture.  On Monday morning.  After a weekend of wine, late nights, and semi sleep in mornings.

Can Left Brain make the save?

10.   "You have to do it today babe - or you cannot drive." (smart man that he is, he knows I am pondering the odds of getting caught if I wait one more day.  Or, how bad would it be to never drive again, really?)   "Hon - if you don't renew it, and drive.....ha ha ha...I'd have to bust ya myself. ha ha"

Oh really.   So much for that "get out of jail free card", eh?  

Do me a favour, Oh Officer Mine Only.....if you feel you must, do use those gag gift pink, fuzzy cuffs we have okay?   Because I have already narrowly escaped injury from you once in recent weeks; all due to your intense commitment and dedication to "duty" that means you will not stop until the task is done.    Though danger clearly looms ahead.   Even if it  

or, has potentially embarrassing Facebookian consequences:

click to enlarge

But you know's all good.    I know I am blessed.    It would be hard to ignore the rich and bountiful gifts I am surrounded with on a daily basis.    Especially when they tend to pounce on me without warning. 

And today, I enjoyed a lovely walk around my pretty little town with some new music on my iPod providing the soundtrack to lovely sights.  I sat for a spell by the river, to watch it flow over the waterfall, while the thick canopy above shaded the sun.

And there I hung awhile - suspended in time,  while the world went on around me, and the truth sank in:

If you want the rainbow.....ya gotta put up with a little rain.

So I change nothing.   I rather like dancing in the rain.

Besides, I really have no choice in the matter at all......

.......the kids broke all the umbrellas.

UP NEXT:  Tuesday Coffee Chat:  Last week I posed the question:  since Mother's Day and my birthday are the same day, does Left Brain need 1 gift, or 2?   Answer, or feel free to share your own Mother's Day happiness.
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