Happy Monday all.   Our mission today:

 So this week we are going to write a list about an hour in your day. 

This is inspired by Stacey from Mothering Moments and her wonderful new link up called An hour in a day.  We are all invited to join her with the same post and link it HERE too.  Consider this a twofer.  How is that for a great way to start your week? 

Oh boy.    Of all days to record 60 minutes of life in this household......I had to choose a Monday morning.      Here's what happened between 7 am and 8 am this morning.

1.    First morning recollection?    Heavy breathing, tongue near my ear....lots of wriggling.   But I am still foggy from sleep so I naturally think:    someone better let the dog out.

2.   2nd Morning recollection:   Wait.......we don't have a dog.   A definite hand on my backside.   Left Brain.....s'sly?    On a Monday morning?    When you nearly cracked my head open on the bedside table the previous night? (true story.  more on that later.   maybe.  not.  I'm okay. actually, quite fine - thanks.)

3.   A sudden knee drop to midsection.....I'm Awake!   No worries.   Just a 20 something pound toddler that's disturbed our morning slumber.    Although, same potty issues as imaginary dog.   Better move.

4.   "Why is there milk all over the kitchen floor?"

5.   "Who ate yogurt?"   Correction:  2 yogurt.

6.    "Why is there a chair in front of the fish tank?   And fish flake food all over the floor?"    Oh no.....okay fishies.   Count up!   (all present and fine)

7.     "What Zoo Zoo?   You want Frosted Flakes?  Really -- how can you still be hungry when you've already drank milk, ate 2 yogurt......and some fish food?"    She ate the cereal.

8.   "Stop fighting over the Wii!  And why are you playing Wii before breakfast.  Get Up Here!"   Much pounding of feet on stairs and grumbling proceeds Monkey Boy and Angel Girls ascent up the stairs.   Really, how dare we offer morning sustenance.

9.   Hhhmmmmm.  What's that smell?   Kahula coffee on my bedside table (yes, the one from which I narrowly escaped injury just 9 hours previously).    Oh.....did I fail to mention that I am actually still in bed and all of the above is merely what I have overheard?    Whoops.  Start.Hating.Me.Now.

10.   "Ok, there's your coffee, lunches are made, they've eaten breakfast, they're dressed, and school bags are packed. You just have to put them on the bus.   I gotta go now or I'll be late for Criminal Court."
   (Ok, so I am half listening because really.....is there anything sexier than watching a man getting dressed in a suit?  especially that point where his pants are only half done up, the shirt is still half open and he's tying his tie?  I consider forgiving him for the night table incident.  briefly.)

 "hon?  I gotta go.  have a good day.  I'll pick up milk on my way home."   Kiss. Kiss   "Get up hon.  They'll only be entertained by Dora for so long.  bye."

 I roll over, grasp my coffee and follow him out.

Ha.     Who says there is never a cop around when you need one?

8:05 am:   Well, hello Monday, I think we are going to do just fine today.

How flies 60 minutes for you?

P.S.  I would tell you more about the previous night's mis-adventure.....but I only have an hour ;)

NEXT UP:  Tuesday Coffee Chat:  Music to My Ears.   You could be the next American/Canadian Idol - what is your audition song?
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