It's Friday.

 As per my morning tweet:

Friday.....we need to talk.

It's Mother's Day weekend.
And my birthday on Sunday too.
My parents are coming.    
(dear house:   let's go for the "illusion of clean" today, 'kay?)

I have a date tonight.   (yes, Left Brain knows - ha)
A party on Saturday night.  (and a project to finish for said party.)

This is no way to start a fabulous weekend.

Thank goodness for being married to a Left Brainer.    He got the coffee brewing, and I found my  happy song!

The sun is shining -- let's get right to our questions.    And after, you simply must check out the awesome sauce that is this week’s co-host:     Susi from Boca Frau – she came up with the last two statements.

1. In the summer the toes simply must be bare...and pretty painted.    Got any colour suggestions?

2. I always listen to music  when I work, drive the car, do the dishes, make supper, walk... pretty  much whenever I can. 

3. Reading the Bible makes me remember I was created by someone from Love, for Love and to pass on that Love.    That's me simplified.

4. I like to live life sounding my "barbaric Yawp" because......let's face it:   that's just loads of fun to say.   YAWP!

Done and Done.
Happy Weekend all.

 warm wishes sign