Welcome to Best of the Blogosphere for May 2012.
I am super thrilled to be hosting today for Sue at Cookie's Chronicles who is enjoying a summer sabbatical. 

Despite the fact that I was enjoying the Great Outdoors this past month, missed several of my most favourite memes, and saw my prose mojo take a brief dip..... it seems I still found time to discover a whole lot of awesome sauce in blogland!

And I so frickin love that about all of you!

And I just love sharing.   Sharing's my favourite!

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Here we go *BOOM!*

Mama B over at Bits of Bee had a great post about Mommy Brain that made me laugh out loud because I could so relate.    Fess up - how many have you done?
Also, Got Quotes?   Then why haven't you linked up with Quotable Bits yet?

 The Mommy Padawan got me all verklempt and determined to be a better person and mom via Creating the Way

Even though my own prose mojo flitted briefly away, I was still so inspired by this lovely Mother's Day Gem over at  Cyn & Co.    Are You My Mother?

She almost gave me a heart attack with threatening to leave.  (brat kids....I'll come for you - Do Not Mess with my Sandra fix!)   I may have curled up briefly in a corner and wept silently.  Or did 10 extra burpees just to lure her back.    But thankfully, Sandra remains.   There will always be an Absolutely Narcissism post here -- just accept it.    And how can you not love her for this?

People always ask me how I find stuff to write about.   Are you kidding?  LIFE!!   It's happening all around you - every day, every minute.   The problem is EDITING it all down to fit into a single post.    The most mundane, or the most unbelievable thing can become blog fodder.    It's all in how you spin the tale.   As Dwija at House Unseen did so expertly in this post about a flying rock.  
(and thankfully, no one was hurt.)

Just love, love, love and that is all - this so honest and genuine post by Kerry at It's the Little Things where she is  talking with her daughter.   Love her.

For just Laugh Out Loud  (and ya know, you really should be laughing out loud if you type those 3 little letters "LOL" -- or it's just all for nothing.)  funny, I always head straight over to Mayor Gia's.  Even if her attic scares me!  (language alert of the 4 letter variety....in case your the sensitive type.)

And if you love the funny pics, you definitely have to check out Susan, aka Super Earthling too.   Unless, you already know  how to create the ideal Romantic Heroine.  In which case never mind.....or  just go look at the funny pics.

Discovered a great new blog:  Megan at Monday Morning Musings.   I would like to teach her the art of the snappy retort after reading this.    Grrrrr.....someone was begging for a throat punch!

And last, but certainly not least - Galit of These Little Waves brings it like she always does.  And I am not so afraid of my closet now thanks to this really inspiring and encouraging post.    (follow link on over to Amy at Coffee Lovin Mom -- and why not linger around for a cup there too?)

As for me, myself and I?
My post for May 13th was pretty darn special.    Check it out here.

And you know, it's never too late to send cake.   Just sayin.

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