April 2012

 The drill is that you can link up your own list of posts you enjoyed, or your best post YOU wrote in April. Don't be shy; just do it!

Everyone be sure to drop by and say Hey! to this month's co-host Jennifer, at Just Jennifer.

So.....here we go BOOM!

Alison at Mama Want This will be a rocking mom of 2 for sure!  This Pledge is Why

Kimberely of Mama's Monologues made a great announcement - drop by her new Design Studio HERE.   Of course you kind find her fabulous self blogging HERE - Pick any post. S'sly.

Let's just assume that Sandra of Absolutely Narcissism will be a regular Best of feature.   I wanted to give her a standing ovation and rejoice as instructed.

 You simply have go over to Beth's at, A Work In Progress, and read  Allie's Story, which she started for the Alphabetical Challenge.   Go quick now......my heart was hooked from the start.

Any my cousin Paul over at The Ossington Kitchen makes this months' list again with this awesome "bump in the road".

Big fluffy pink heart Nicole of By Word Of Mouth Musings, post about blogging.

Ever wonder what a dog might be thinking?    I mean besides that Wilfred one (although I totally want to see what he is thinking too),  I kind of always wondered what went on inside that big beautiful head of Big M's:   Stasha, List Maker and Photogrpaher Extraordinaire, wonderful dog.   Thank goodness she told us!    Seriously, could ya love her more?

And the kids pick of the month?   Sorry everyone - you're all fabulous, but really.....who can compete with  the adorable baby chicks  that Sarah Kate showed us over at Dixie Creek Farm?  

And finally, a post of my own?   That's an easy choice - the one where I choose YOU.

So there ya go.   Some great weekend reading.
Love to share the love y'all.  

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