I Am Going To A Party!!!

There will be adults there!
Real Live Adults!

Please pray, cross your fingers and toes, dance under a full  moon..whatever it takes so that I do NOT talk about my children, poop, or broken lady bits!

Ever so much appreciated - thanks.

Gotta hurry and get the Saturday cleaning done, and then get ready!
Wait, there's more:

Who Has Them Some Clean Floors?

Husband Whispering......I swear by it folks!

What am I doing?
Didn't I tell you.......there's a party going on.     I am certain yoga pants and messy bun hair will simply not cut it.  I have my own work to do.

Who Has Them Some Pretty Toes?

like my screensaver too?  nearly done boys :)

Just Another 5 - 10 Minutes, Hon!

Party on Folks!
Happy Memorial Day to my Southern Neighbours!
 warm wishes sign