Despite the fact that I am thrilled to return to blogging in the land of all things speedy, I will try to keep in mind it is in fact Wordless Wednesday.    I know I have awards to accept and more tags to keep you running:  all in due time folks.   I promise I'll get there.

First, proper props to my man Left Brain.   Insert appropriate "what a man" or "I need a hero" lyrics here.   Rest assured, I will make it up to him.

Hey - I know how I can!   Sweetie, even though I just stayed up the entire night with a sick child, you worked the night shift - you go on ahead to bed.  I'll be fine.  Really.  I only have said sick child, one mischievous toddler, and an additional toddler with it being daycare day. No problem.

 I bet I can do it with my eyes closed. *side eye*

 Poor Zoo Zoo. Here brothers' seal bark coughing kept her up most of the night too.

You know you are tired when you cannot even make it to the perfectly comfy sectional couch behind you.

Happy and restful hump day to all!

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