Good morning, coffee's on, make yourself at home. 

I trust your Easter holiday was a very blessed one?   Got lots of chocolate did you?   Lovely time with family?  Fun egg hunts with the kiddos?  Restful?


What's that?  I sound bitter?

I do most humbly submit my defense.   If you have been reading (and a sincere thank you to all you well wishers -- you kept me going!),  you already know about the disaster of 3 sick children, all running fevers and hacking through the night at various intervals.    I think I had about 10 hours sleep total in the past week.    There was puke and poop and so much more than spilt milk.....Oh My!

Left Brain was of course on nights, and thus, well....pretty much missed it all.  Lucky bastard.

Geez, I just swore on my blog.   That might be another first.  

Forgive me, I have become unchurched.  Frequent readers know I am a Christian.   (yes, I will ask forgiveness for the curse later.)   And right after Christmas, Easter is pretty much the next most important holiday.  But we weren't there.   Not a single Easter Service.  

I didn't even really discuss the Meaning of Easter in depth with my children.   No themed jelly beans to tell the Greatest Story Ever Told.   Not even a bible story.   No religious themed gifts. 

I was tired. Overwhelmed.   They were sick, tired, bored.  Crankiness abounded.   I didn't even have the energy to escape to the bathroom for a good cry.  Or perhaps they only followed me anyway.  Probably that.    I did the only thing a mother in my situation could do.

What movie do you want to watch?  

Oh, you know the answer.   You are likely sick to death of this answer.   But at least you didn't have to survive:

The Great Harry Potter Easter Weekend

So, my 7 and 5 year old children have now watched the entire Harry Potter series.    You don't have to tell me, I am pretty sure that is a big Mom Fail.

For the record, 2 year old Zoo Zoo doesn't really count.   She just walks by the screen every now and then and asks, "where's Harry? oh, dere he tis.  so cute."

Although, at one point she did chase Angel Girl around the ottoman with a stick, yelling; "Loomooos, Looomooos!" and "stupid fly, stupid fly".    You know if magic were real and she could get the incantation right --- I think we should all be a little afraid.   She means it.

In my beleaguered state, I convinced myself that since they had already watched all the Star Wars movies, AND since they do hear about Satan in church.....they likely wouldn't be scared by these movies.   They already know about the battle between good and evil.   Let's face it - it does exist.  Ever so much more than a hopping bunny who hides chocolate gifts.   And in fact, they were not at all scared.  Not one bit.

In fact, despite our newly heathenish practice, some rather interesting dialogue resulted:

So mom, Voldemort is kind of like Satan because he doesn't know love and tries to hurt Harry, even though he is just a boy.   He gives into his angry self, like Anakin did, and tries to wreck all that is good and nice.  he's just jealous of Harry...because so many people love him and try to help him.  but that just makes Voldemort madder.  he just gets more evil.

Um, yeah, kind of like that honey.  But he also knows that Harry has the power to destroy him, so he wants to kill Harry first.   but no, he doesn't understand the power of love at all.

right, but Harry does.  So he keeps going, even though he has loads of reasons to quit.  he doesn't stop even when he is lonely, or when he gets scared or hurt.  he keeps fighting - he stays good. he could have just taken all his gold and run away.

yeah, like to Cubada (Angel Girl)

that's right honey.  But  Harry does know love.  He knows the good in the world is worth fighting for.

but does he really die?  if he died, how come he comes back?

Because he had the deathly hallows; he was able to defeat death - if he wanted to.   but you know that isn't real, right?  that part is just a make believe part of the story.    The important thing is that Harry was willing to die.   he was gave his life to protect his friends and his world.

right, so he's kind of like Jesus.  because He died for us on the cross, even though it must have hurt lots, but He came back too.  but for real.  Because he loved us so much and would miss us, and just like Harry still had to kill the snake, Jesus knew we would still need His help.   so he came back.

*me stunned, but how to explain the difference between Divine Resurrection and the hallowed imagination of a poor British mom with immense writing skills?*   Well, Harry is not exactly like Jesus honey.   He was a very brave and good boy, who did what was right.  But he can't save us in the way Jesus did.  You know that, right?

Oh yeah.  I don't mean he is Jesus...just that he was like Jesus.   He knew love and he knew he had to die to stop the bad stuff, so he obeyed that commandment He told us.  you know the one you said about dying for love....or something. 

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15:13

Well, um, yes I guess you are right then.  He did demonstrate God's love when he made that sacrifice.  

Yeah, so that's why people shouldn't say Harry Potter is bad, or evil.  He did right - just like the Bible tells us.  It's not just about the spells and stuff....I know that isn't real.   But Jesus really does love us.  That part's real.  Or else he wouldn't have died for us.

Oh My.  Just. Oh. My.
Never underestimate the capacity to understand when the inquiring mind or questioning soul of  a child presents itself.   Or, for that matter. God's mysterious work that can birth a powerful message from a mom's temporary slackery.

Perhaps I am over-reaching a tad.   But something has to be salvaged from the disastrous weekend.  I'll take it - looks like we got that Easter Blessing after all.
Mischief Managed.

Stunned by anything magical over the holidays?  Naturally, chocolate induced coma stories greedily and most thankfully accepted as well.

NEXT WEEK:   Movie Moments.   Seemed appropriate given.  You laughed, you cried, you were scared to were had at "Hello?"   What are some of the greatest movie moments?
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