Happy Tuesday - grab your mug and let's Chat!
Thanks to all who shared their favourite Movie Moments last week.   
I've been looking forward to this chat all week.  A pretty good chat prompt, if I do say so myself.

 If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which one would you choose? 

Now I will make the "rules" (pshaw - there's never any rules) easy:  it can be past or present.    Or, why not:  create your own future show with you in the starring role.

My dilemma this week is, that despite my excitement regarding this prompt, it's been really hard to select the finalist.   I can think of quite a few which would be either extremely interesting, educational, or downright hilarious to be trapped in for a month.

Battlestar Galactica (the new one) --   Forget the Cylons, I just want to walk around saying "FRACK" as much as I want with impunity.   Ok, and hello Jamie Bamber.  Please say something in British for me?

The A- Team --  to be in the big final battle - and not get hurt, the damsel in distress rescued and puckering up for her "Face" time

Friends - who wouldn't want to hang out with them for a month.  Personally, it would be unlimited versions of "Smelly Cat" with Phoebe that would entertain me.

House - uumm.  interesting, thought-provoking and extremely well written.  'Cept, I am either dying, a medical genius cum pill-popping addict, or otherwise emotionally flawed or damaged.    Perhaps this one only looks good from the other side of the boob tube.   (Same goes for ER and Grey's Anatomy pretty much.)

Seinfeld -   sure, I can talk and do "nothing" for an entire month.    In fact, please may I?

Lost - see redundant 

We watch a lot of crime drama here - surprised?   But I don't think I would like to be trapped inside the world of CSI or Criminal Minds for a month.    Too intense.   Too messy.  I already live a certain amount of cop drama - although, it is more related to their b$tch of a shift schedule.  Notice how the writers leave out that little nugget of truth.   But if I did, I'd want to be the super cool female detective, kicking ass and taking names.   Heck, I don't even want your name - Silence Scum!
Just not the long suffering LEO wife.   Type casting is a dangerous pitfall in da biz ya know.

Then there's this new show that I really want to check out, except, I do not have FX Canada on my satellite.   Have you heard of Wilfred?   He's a dog.  I think.  Except not to Ryan (Elijah Wood) who sees him as a chain smoking, weed and beer loving Australian man in a doggy suit.  But thankfully, he keeps troubled young Ryan from killing himself.  I think.  Since I cannot even access the videos on the official site, getting lost here for a month seems to be the only way I can sneak a peek.

Unless praying to the gods of YouTube can help me out?

Well, I cannot stall any longer.  Confession Time.   I'm an X-Phile!

The X-Files
Oh, I cannot tell you how much I loved this show.    The "monster of the week" format calls to mind earlier scary shows like Alfred Hitchcock Presents, or The Twilight Zone.   The Government conspiracy theories get fan speculation humming.   The complex mythology of the show became legendary TV.    Although, I recall during the first 2 Seasons that I was the only person I knew who watched it (minus the hundreds I discovered hiding in online chat rooms.)    But the excellent writing and platonic though fueled by sexual tension relationship of FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder and Agent Dana Scully ensured it would soon become a mass cult phenomena.    The supporting cast was equally brilliant:   Deep Throat, the Cigarette Smoking Man, Well Manicured Man, ohhhh...Krycek!!   And of course, the Lone Gunmen.

It pains me to say that I did not enjoy the final years as much as the earlier ones.   When David Duchovny left the show, some of it's appeal went with him.   Naturally I would want to be trapped somewhere inside the first 5 seasons.     Would I warn them of paranormal activity, alien sightings, or government lies......or simply -- please do not ever kiss.   I'm also a NoRomos.   Oh, and...ggggrrr Krycek.  I so loved to hate him.

In the end, I suspect I would just want to linger awhile and see...

....if the truth is still out there.

Are you stuck inside the Idiot Box?

NEXT WEEK:    Ok, can you all dig what I am putting down?  Cuz I'm layin' it on you straight.  Let's get this joint jumpin next week.   Whaddaya say, gate? How does your jive sound? (for those requiring translation, basically --- what's your favourite slangs, euphemisms, or idioms?)
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