Still blogging via stone tablet. *eye roll*

Left Brain is still working on the fix to our main computer.
I am still comfy by the fire hammering away on our old laptop.  The battery is completely dead.....which kind of defeats the mobility purpose of a laptop, but hey.....I am still here. And that's what matters, right?

I'll save my bigger complaints for this week's Chat topic: Pet Peeves.

We all have them.   Normally, I am pretty nice, but since my mood has been less than sunny this past while;

if you don't have anything nice to say......come sit by me.

1.   Well you just know this addictive little piece of technology is high on my list of annoyances right now.

What Left Brain used to fondly refer to as the "crackberry"......whilst secretly making earnest wishes naked under the full moon that one might magically appear to him one day.   Ok, maybe he wasn't naked, but he sure seemed happy when our cell phone carrier told him he was finally being upgraded.
Now I am not a wife to hold a grudge for her mates' success - but HELLO!?  Who is the blogger in the family?     But I digress...
My real problem with this little device, is that loading all its necessary programs onto our computer is what Killed My Computer!!   The virus snuck in when he downloaded the operating "stuff".  

The irony that if I had my own Blackberry - I could have continued blogging using it, is not completely lost on  me.   But for now....I will Just Say No!

2.   The Sudden Stop.   You know......walking along, minding your own business and staying to the right of the foot traffic and then suddenly the person in front of you bends over to pick something up?   Or tie their shoe.  Or answer their Blackberry *gggrrr* ....and WHAM!   There you go, right up their......

Yes, I'll amend my previous declaration thus:   Just Say No To Crack

3.   Pantry Contamination:    Anyone else have peanut butter in the butter, jam in the peanut butter, peanut butter in the jam, jam on the peanut butter on the butter......and some mayo and mustard in the relish?
Oh......Left Brain must have been to your house for lunch?   Aye Carumba!

Forget the hygienic aspect of this little annoying aspect of living with others....and by that I do mean, pigs....because it is simply gross.   Disgusting really. 

Though I guess some figure, if you can't beat them, might as well join them:

4.  Between the Lines:    I realize that some people think the rules do not apply to them.  And they drive much nicer vehicles than I do.   I get it - thy paint job is precious.  Or your time is more precious than me.  Whatev.

 A little advice Mr Crooked Parker:   I highly suggest you learn to park between the lines and do not over crowd my minivan.   It comes with 3 children who cannot walk down the hallway to the bathroom without touching everything on the walls, knocking pictures down, or tripping over a sibling.   And they love shiny, clean things - especially if they can see their reflection in it.   It's called a blank canvas, and opportunity abounds.  I highly suggest you give us our space.  Savvy?

5.   Bigger Fish to Fry:     Now it may seem I am riding Left Brain a little hard....wait, rephrase for family may seem that I am being a little tough on my dear hubby tonight.   He really is normally my hero....especially if he saves my computer.  Or could one day actually get marital ESP and bring me some tea.

Anyhoo, one of my biggest pet peeves is on his behalf.   Oh, there are so many I could choose which arise from his job as a police officer, but I will choose the one I take most personally.   When people, not all - but a lot - discover that he is a cop and just go "oh, I see."  and clam up tighter than, well, a clam.  Convo over and out.  
Um, you know, he's not gonna bust you for downloading pirated music, cable, or because you spanked your kid or anything.    And no matter how much I beg and plead, he cannot in fact send you to jail for rubbing my stomach and complimenting me on my non-existent baby.    Apparently that doesn't count as aggravated assault.   If I were Queen though.......
He may preach a bit these days about texting and driving because, well you're just a dumbass in that case.   But mostly, he's pretty relaxed.  
Just talk to him like he's a normal person.  Please.   It may actually make his job - keeping you and yours safe - quite a bit easier.
And if you should find your "Alleged" drunk ass in the back of his cruiser...just sing him a song.
I hear cops love that sh*t.

Now's your chance to spill it.   Bonus points for photographic evidence.

NEXT WEEK:    Easter Blessings. What does the holiday mean to you? What is the best chocolate ever? Share. Seriously....share your chocolate with me.

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