G'Day and welcome to the Chat!

As always, thank you so kindly to all who continue to participate each week.   The movie chats tend to draw the biggest audience, so let's hope the seats are full this week!

This week we are chatting about Movie Moments.

Now this can be your favourite romantic moment: the best kiss, best *ahem* knocking toes scene, or perhaps the funniest, most awkward bedroom scene ever put to film.
 Best fight.  Best death scene.  Whatev.

There's no right or wrong answer, since what's up on the silver screen can move us all in different ways.    Even myself:  I can enjoy many different film elements:  I'm a sap, and love the action.
Which makes me like the best date ever!   (right Left Brain?)

So I can think of many moments over years of great cinema.   There are many that deserve a quick mention before I tell you the ones that truly have moved me in some memorable way.

Bullet Time -  the stop action filming in Matrix
 Ok, so my mouth may have been hanging open a tad due to Keanu Reeves all in black, but seeing this???   I do believe me jaw actually hit the floor.

 Other notable action moments:

-   The Man from Snowy River -- unbelievable riding skillz!
-   Saving Private Ryan - Storming Normandy Beach D Day opening sequence.  I literally sat on the edge of my seat the entire time.  I may have breathed.
-   the sinking of Titanic

 Oh, the Drama! The Suspense!

Who didn't want to immediately sign up for pottery after watching Ghost?
Who didn't want one of those giant floor pianos, like in Big?
Who has never faked it like Sally showed Harry?
Who still showers with one eye open....just in case a Psycho is in the house?
Would you have looked in the box at the end of Seven?
Just a simple game of catch with Dear Old (dead) Dad - Field of Dreams

Say It Again Sam
What's your favourite movie quote?

Yippee Ki-Yay Mo-Fo!
My Name is Inigo Montoya!
Frankly My Dear...(.oh, we so gave a damn.)
You Can't Handle The Truth!
 Funny how?  Like I amuse you?
You had me at hello.
And yes.....Paris is always a good idea!

Play it Again Sam
How many of use have stepped out into the night humming a new song?

Moon River - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly's Dance in the rain
Ballroom Dance - Beauty and the Beast
The Hills Are Alive - The Sound of Music
Fess up -- how many got Footloose?

Me; I like the quieter moments too.   When there is not a lot of fanfare or distractions. Just an immensely talented actor who draws you so thoroughly into that characters' story.   Or a moment when 2 actors achieve a screen bond that is so utterly believable, you almost feel you should look away and not intrude upon the moment.
The Pathos.   That's great cinema.

1.    The moment between Robin Williams and Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting:
         "It's not your fault."    

2.     Timothy Hutton breaking down in the therapist office in Ordinary People

3.  Bruce Willis' speech about breaking his promise to his daughter, Liv Tyler,  in Armageddon.         Destroys me every time.   I can't watch it.    daddy issues?  maybe a few

4.   The execution scene of Braveheart... Oh My. when he sees his wife walking through the crowd and the music of those Celtic pipes...and then  "FREEDOM!"   I completely lose it.   The juxtaposition of unfathomable courage and love enduring.

5.     There's a moment in Blood Diamond, where Leonardo DiCaprio is telling the sad, violent and tragic tale of his youth.   The look in his eyes, the pain on his face when she takes his hand...so very, very real.   Leo has so many of these moments, I'd require a post dedicated solely to him.

6.  And Ah.....The Tramp.   That love able and so immensely talented Mr Chaplin.   Just watch City Lights if you ever get the chance, and then you can see how sometimes it is said best -- when you say nothing at all.

 But if you really want to see me fall to pieces.   I mean the kind of crying where you literally cannot catch your breath and you start to hiccup.    No other pairing, no other friendship, no greater valour can be demonstrated than by Frodo and Sam.   I pretty much start crying from this point:

 right on through, to The End Of All Things.

Peter Jackson is a genius.  Sean and Elijah schooling other child actors as to how it's done.   (God, those eyes of his - slay me.)    I would never have considered myself a Science Fiction fan, which only demonstrates the lasting power of Tolkiens' tale, and the power of well executed cinema.

No other story - yes, even you Harry Potter, will ever quite touch me as the one about Frodo and the Ring.   Always.
And don't worry Samwise:   you do get the girl.

NEXT WEEK:    Keeping with the entertainment theme:  if you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which show would you choose?
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