Such Amazing love... I am undone.


So so broken.

And have suffered nothing more... ...than what my King has also suffered for me.

Because of me.

I should be destroyed.

 Yet, I am raised.   Uplifted.     Held close and treasured, above all.

Because in dying, He gave life to me.

Such amazing love.   

Unfortunately, we will be missing the Easter Sunday service.   And I missed the Good Friday as well.   The above video will be my church today -- which since it is one of my most favourite songs, is not so bad anyway.   

With Monkey Boy sick, and Zoo Zoo also coming down with a cold and fever, that may leave only Angel Girl to do all the seeking and finding today.    I doubt she'll mind so much.    Till she finds she still has to share the goodies.

Honest.....I left them some chocolate.
Such love you know.

P.S.  If you want to know how they will be hopping about this morning, here's a little hunt some bunny left for them.

Happy Easter!

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