I've missed doing Quotable Bits the last couple of weeks.

 If you are following me on Pinterest, you know my Poster board does not suffer from a lack of available material.   Still, sometimes, it is hard to "pin" down that exact quote that speaks volumes in the moment.

Like this one I discovered after waking up from (finally) a hard won and well deserved blissful hours of nap time.    I don't think I even dreamt.    Just faded into black.    But woke up recharged and ready to carry on.

Life gets busy and hectic.   Sometimes, I do think I have nothing left to give.   But always, it is not just finding out where or how deep courage may lay......but in simply rousing it from rest.

Now, I am ready for my next challenge:  to determine where the heck my comment forum has gone.  Again.

NEXT UP:   Tuesday Coffee Chat will be ready by 6 am for you early birds.   All about Easter Blessings.   Do a recap of your holiday, share a sweet recipe, convince me Peeps are way better than Jelly Beans.   You can be spiritual, or just post a pic of some chocolate.  Or send me some.  Either way.

 warm wishes sign