It creeps often.
Unsuspecting and larger than a wee heart can contain.

Recently, Zoo Zoo at age 2 plus has finally started dolling out the spontaneous "I wuv you mommy"s.

You might think by child #3 this would not be a significant milestone anymore, but I can tell you: wrong.

I melt.

And if that wasn't enough, it is often followed by, "I kiss your nose mommy."

 And then she licks me.

Yep, love sure can fool ya sometimes.

It can burst out from that little heart in moments of pure abandon.   When her siblings come home from school and she hugs them with fierce longing, and all that bottled up emotion of missing that has been contained all day rushes forth:

"ainey's home.  doby's home!  miss them, miss them.   I wuv yous.  do you have homework?"
(ok, so that last one might have been mom's influence.)

It's so hard when love is away.   Off pursuing other adventures.   But wow, what a reunion when it finally comes home again.

And how amazing is it, then even busy little toddlers never truly leaves.

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