I Pin, therefore I am.

Oh I love thy time sucking ways.

This one seems a good one to start with:

I am thinking it would make a lovely banner header here at Time Out for Mom....hmmm, next year's design revision perhaps.

And that is truly the greatest thing about Pinterest.....all the ideas!  Lovely ideas.   Cooking, garden, great reads, great shoes......anything you can imagine.

There's a board for that.

If I cannot have that awesome mudroom, I can at least stare with earnest longing at others completed pin projects.

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

Or lovely garden spots:

I can plan a party (my Star Wars party ideas are my most often re-pinned ideas), plan a wedding, cook a fancy feast, find a good read, or change the look of's just a click and a pin away!

Even myself!
So frickin love this colour!

And oh....the boots.   Look at those boots!!  Giddy up!

Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

Okay, so I don't actually do a lot of the things I find on Pinterest.   I have done a few projects and you can view them on my boards.    I guess the appeal is the idea of the thing.   That you could do these fabulous, wondrous things......if only you weren't so busy perusing and pondering Pinterest itself.

The posters though: the posters will always have me coming back for more.

And oh yes, he follows me even here.

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So, have ya pinned yet?
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