You know me....I tend to Ponder.  
Brenda at Fiction with a Purpose has asked a great pondering question today.  One that I am sure, as fellow bloggers, you can relate to:


This Week's prompt:  The blogging world
 Blogger friends vs 'real' friends

In Brenda's own words:

Do you find that your world of blogging does not incorporate the 'real' people in your life? What I mean by that is ... do you find that you start talking about your blog and all the things you do and those around you give you that blank stare.. or worse: the "What are you talking about?" look?

The very first assumption I'd like to kick in the where it hurts most to make ASSumptions:

That I do not have any friends in real life.   That there is something inherently wrong with me on a social level, that I would choose the virtual over reality.    That I am in some way emotionally incapable of developing deep and meaningful relationships with "real" people.   Or that I neglect those real life bonds, for that of the unseen.    

Utter Rubbish.  

Although, it may be true that I must escape into my virtual, creative space from time to time for a little peace and quiet.    And I don't just mean from the pint size dictators.   I am a pretty good judge of character and I prefer to surround myself with quality people.  Thus, if you are pondering why we are not friends in real life???   That actually might say more about you, than it does about me.    Just sayin.

As I mentioned, this is my creative space.  My outlet.   My place to be "me". 
My precious.
If you visit here often enough......believe me:   you will know me.    Perhaps far better than you would like.    Which people in my real life might actually bond over a glass of wine with you to consider the complexity that is Rory.    Do you think she really danced on stage in her gitch?  

So, I promise you:   I am not some 14 year old boy from Jersey punking your unsuspecting arse.
Although, that would be a fricking awesome prank.

You do know Where I'm From,  dontcha?
Does that strike you as emotionally unavailable and distant? 

You see, I consider myself doubly blessed.   I have an amazing and loving family.    I have an varied support network that includes this family, my friends, my church......and yes, my blogging community.   Now, my family I did not have any choice - I simply lucked out in ways unmeasurable there.  Friends can come and go.  If you are extremely lucky, there will be ones you cannot ever dream of leaving behind.    Yet, sometimes the bonds that hold you are not quite so firmly formed.   I find these days, the only thing I might truly have in common, is that they are also mothers.   Which is a grand thing indeed and certainly most helpful in the present.   But as to what the future might hold, I cannot yet tell.    Sadly, while the people in these groups might love me dearly, that doesn't always translate to "I get you."

That's a much rarer quality you have to seek out for yourself.

Be forewarned:  I may get all mushy on you.

My dear readers:   I sought you out and my blessings were only increased when I found you.   I chose you.     I visited your blog and found so much more than a beautiful layout and treasured, talented words.   I found You.   And I return to you.   And if I have, it's because I have discovered something within you, that calls out to me.   Sometimes it calls me from out of the blues.  Sometimes from the darkness.   Sometimes to simply share.   Often, to just be.

In returning my visits, you have allowed me to be me; in this my most honest and vulnerable space.  I have born and laid out my heart and soul before you, and you handled it with the utmost care.   And that is a very, very real gift.

Because you also had the choice.   To click away.

Yet here we are.

We are bloggers.  We write and bonds are formed.   Lives may be forever changed.   Our blogging spaces are not mere shadows of our longing selves.  They are our most true and brilliantly shining states.

And I just so dig that about all of you.

But if you don't dig it, get it, or even care about it....just smile and nod.  Walk on.
Don't mess with my happy blog home.  Just. Don't.

Update: Happy Birthday for Realz and in your happy blog home Jennifer!!!

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