Poetry WorkshopI missed last weeks' prompt.
I felt empty. Kinda broken.

Especially since my most beloved people - the ones living in this lovely house I clean for them, and eat the meals I cook for them couldn't be bothered to write mommy a poem!

Honestly, though, after all the illness that swept through the joint, even I wasn't feeling very prosy. And did I really think my pleas for pretty poetry could be heard over the Harry Potter Wii games?
Right, thanks again Harry.   Watch how ya go with that jinxed broom lovey!

I will make up for it this week.    Oh yes I will!

This weeks' prompt:

 You are a master of words. But with great power comes great responsibility, right? Of course you knew that. That’s why we use poetry to make beautiful masterpieces. So, as the master of your art, show your generosity by giving someone the gift of poetry. This week, write a poem for one or all of the member/s of your immediate family. And yes, you may write one for your pet too. And if you’re feeling really generous, heck, write one for anyone else you’d like!

Write a poem for the family that abandoned me in my hour of need last week? 
Fine.   But as punishment.....there will be length.    Oh yes.   This will require precious time my dear family.

(but, um.....yeah, sorry to the rest of you who must endure.   It's an experiment in form if you will.   A timeline of the moments from "oh he's cute" and "I do", to "I see a line!" and "oh my god....get it out NOW!"  times 3.)

I wanted this written down because I thought it was a unique way to capture the last 9 years.   I simply sat down, pencil in hand and wrote point form for 5 minutes - while thinking on the years.    And I made a promise to myself - No Edits.    Whatever remains.......is the finished result.

If it's too much for you to endure....... OH LOOK! funniest commercial ever!

running free
and feeling fine
'till fate stepped in
to force my hand
loves' question echo'd
over Cuban skies
joy abounds
and plans begin
a late summer wedding
to seal the deal.
I do.
a Quebec hideaway
while darkness loom'd
but in our love nest
we're safely cocoon'd
and cool our fever
in blue sea pools
while the city sweats
Hola.  Que Pasa?
fun in the sand
home again, blah
wait!  midnight premiere
to late to go to sleep....
Wait.  somethings off
broccoli?  Oh god...no
mad dash..WT?
faint line do tell
9 months later
paint it blue
love blooms again
(but sleep departs)
but no greater wonder
now we 3
are bound by love
and all seems new
and wondrous
and some days, lost
Why won't he sleep!?
the fog lifts
an urge returns
ideas seem grand
after many martini's
under summer skies
nestled close in tiny wood cabins
or was it the hotel?
no matter.
Make it Pink!
big brothers' in awe
of your tiny toes
in little houses
love grows so close
now we 4
a new journey begun
mommy stays home
and the days creep on
it's amazing how fast
a life can change
how time can shift
and make you forget
Happy Valentine's baby - 
Oh, yes!
it's been, like forever
hurry - before they wake
What? None?
well....just once
what are the odds?
Good.  damn good.
and trouble
fear on the side
bed rest?
with 2 at home?
Life - delivered.
faith, joy, more love
big brother less impressed
with Pink 2.0
can I have a brother next?
already outnumbered
over-whelmed and *yawn*
it's too noisy 
goodness, this mess
I must be crazy
to burst with such love
while trapped in this chaos
and yet, 
feel so complete.

And a bonus - to my dear pets:

dear fish
you're so pretty and golden in your bowl
you greet me every morning
fanning your tails, mouths gaping
ready to receive
but never complain
or whining
there's no mess to clean
just swimming along
so peaceful
and quiet
often I think
you're the only ones who truly understand me.
thank you for that.
 warm wishes sign