This Monday List couldn't be more timely:

All the computer problems, feeling under the weather myself, and then dealing with 3 sick children over the Easter holiday.  And Monday morning welcoming me with what will ever more be referred to as The Great Couch Poop Incident of Easter 2012...

...that Open Road is calling to me like a damn siren song.

A few things I have learned from those times I listened to that song, and headed on out into the great wide yonder.   Staring down that white line, while that invisible something pulled me along a course uncharted; destination?   Anywhere but here.

1.   Even when you are young and seemingly invicible -- you can consume so much fast food that you feel sick enough to raid a farmer's field for a dirty carrot.

2.  Yes, as a matter of fact Sweet Home Alabama must simply be played loud and with the windows down.   Even when driving Ontario's 401.

3.  The Journey's End Motel chain is most hopeful if you are lost. can't remember what hotel you are in, or what city for that matter because you stumbled upon them in the wee small, blurry-eyed hours of the morning with your 2 best gals.   And pizza.  And 7 police cadets.    

Surprisingly, the rest of the story most assuredly Rated G -- because copious amounts of beer, all night dancing, then an obscene amount of pizza = zzzzzzzzz

(And no, this is not how I met Left Brain.   let's keep this story just between us.)

4.  You really cannot ever, ever get tired of seeing too many over-sized roadside attractions.
Big Apple, Colbourne Ontario - Awesome apple pie!

Varney's Chair - Varney, Ontario

5.  And of course, others are simply so breath-taking you must pull over.....even though the next scheduled pee stop is still an hour away.    A few I have seen:

Sea to Sky Highway, Squamish, BC, Canada
The Cabot Trail - Cape Breton Highlands: Nova Scotia, Canada

bridge from Cuba mainland to Cayo Coco

6.  A pause for a question.   Driver or passenger?

For me, the passenger gets to control the radio.   Left Brain loves all music from the 80's, thus, this is a very important marital conflict that must be won at all costs.

So yes, the Wiggles it is.    Dammit.....who brought these kids?

7.   Snacks.  It's a moral imperative.   It's a forgone conclusion that the drive is only as good as the scenery, the music and the snacks.   Every road trip ker-snaffle can be tolerated if these 3 elements are successfully mastered.

Trail Mix or Twizzler anyone?

8.    Didja know that if you plug your breast pump into the minvan, you can get a really good booby pull/milk surge whenever your husband steps on the gas?  Truckers really appreciate the view too.   You're welcome.

9.    Do you know "Hobo Talk?"
Means "Man with Gun"  handy to know, no?
10.  Coming Home.   No matter how far I go, how lost I may be, how beautiful the sights.....I always can find my way back home again.   And there's no better feeling.

Keep on truckin'!

Note:  Apologies for the dodgey comment system.  I now have comments made under both formats - but it can only show 1 format at a time: so sorry if your comment suddenly disappears.   Trust me, I  am so not in the mood for peek-a-boo games either.

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