This weeks' list topic comes courtesy of

The Mommy Padawan
 #1 – list 10 things you really like about yourself, things you are good at, your super powers! 
#2 – You have 48 hours free of all responsibilities and unlimited cash, what 10 things would you do, places you’d go, etc.

So I did actually find myself in the enviable position of being in the house alone this weekend.   It wasn't quite 48 hours, and I wasn't feeling that well, so sadly:   no grand stories to tell.     But Left Brain and the kids were gone to see his mom for the greater part of the day.....and well??

what's a mom to do with several hours of free time?

1.    Sound out an alert!

I am disappointed, I don't mind saying:    ideas received?   Zero!
I was on my own, truly.

2.   Catch up on blog reading.    For all those going "free time and you blogged?"   Yes.  It was quiet and no one was hanging off my arm.     That's golden.  

3.   Wii Fit.   Yep....the craziness continued.   Did some Strength training/stretches and finished up with some relaxing yoga poses.   Again I was quiet, and Sun Salutation is much easier without a 30 pound toddler hanging on your back.

4.   Wait.  It's quiet.   Like soooooo quiet.   Hmmm.... this house needs jams.   off to iTunes.   And now, I am in head over heels for this song:

5.   Got tunes.   And 6 hours of freedom left.   Should I clean something?   Yes - me!    Cue the bubbles, grab a book and off to the tub.    I can even leave the door open so I can hear my new music.

6.   Wait!  Forgot something to drink.   There's no kids here - I can have pop!   All to myself.    Grab a coke -- there may have been a splash of the islands in it - and back to my bubbles.

7.   Bubbles all gone.  But the fun doesn't have to stop folks!    Since I am all warm and free from the stinky fingered folk, let's get cozy by the fire with a tea and Just. Keep. Reading.

8.  Oh boy.   I can't hardly stand this excitement.   Better have a nap.    Falling asleep at 4 pm to the sounds of Etta James ain't so bad at all.

9.   Sound of text alert on my cell wakes me up.   Or maybe it was the sudden switch to Queens of the Stone Age on the still playing iPod??    Anyway -- they're on the way home.   You have 1 hour left.   Mommy guilt is a powerful thing --- I gave in and put away some laundry.

10.    Greet your family with big hugs and kisses --- they don't need to know how happy you are that it is straight off to bed for them.    End the day curled up watching a movie with your sweetheart, and realize when you crawl back to your own bed:   you are already (still) in your pj's.

No money was spent, no roads travelled, and no treasures unearthed.

Sometimes, a good day.......just happens all on its own.

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