I adore books.   

The way they feel.   The sound of the pages turning.  The crisp clean aroma of a new hardcover, or the dusty scent of well worn and loved older tomes found in boxes and attics.

While I love my E-Reader, some times I miss the weight and feel of a real book in my hands.

I cannot describe the heady feeling that consumes me when I glance over at the corner bookshelf and see it literally drowning in books.  Stuffed to the seams it is.  It's a beautifully disorganized and cluttered thing.

 Is it any wonder, that given a few moments of solitude,  I will almost always choose a book over TV, or a movie?  Although, I do also love a good show: that's just a story in motion.   And it's always, always about the story.

Here are some of the stories you'll find on our shelves:

1.   Stephen King.   And I do mean ALL of Stephen King.    To be clear, these shelves represent Left Brain.   Truth, he's an amazing, amazing writer, but I stopped reading Stephen King when I was attempting to get through "It" in university and some guy from my dorm floor thought it would be super-funny to hide under my bed while I was brushing my teeth.....and wait.   Wait, in the dark, under my bed...until I was just about asleep and then whisper creepily...."We all float down here."

 I can jump, like, super high folks.
And am capable of beating a frat boy with a chair.

2.   John Grisham.   Again.  Nearly everything.  Again, Left Brain.   Again, concur - amazing writer.

3.   Harry Potter.   Of course, was there any doubt?  

4.  The Lord of The Rings.    Again, no surprise.  And very difficult to top in terms of epic.

5.   Nora Roberts.   Not quite everything, but when I want to just sit back and be entertained, she's my go-to author.    One of my faves is the Chesapeake Bay Saga.

6.   Nicholas Sparks.     Just a few to satisfy my sappy side.   I have not any of his latest though.

7.  Harlan Coben.    Love him.  Excellent writing and such great thrillers.   He almost always stumps me.....and that is very hard to do.

8.  Kathleen E. Woodiwiss.   Everything.  Forever.   Will never part with a single book.   The creator of the modern historical romance....I can't get enough.   Beautiful, heart melting, epic stories.  I love her style.    But sadly, due to her passing in 2007, there will never be another.   I cried when I heard she had died.   I miss the flight of her words upon the page and into my heart.

Here's where we stray from the modern norm.   Since my degree is English Literature with a minor in film studies, I have read thousands of books, plays, and poems.   Literally.    Thus, you will also find most of the classic novels and poetic works.   Everything from Shakespeare, to Jane Austen,  Robert Louis Stevenson, to Milton, Pope, Burns and Dickinson, and a good deal of Restoration Comedy (they were quite rakish back in the day!).    I even still have my working scripts from the plays I did in high school:  Joseph Andrews (Henry Fielding), and Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll, which is actually a pseudonym - real name Charles Lutwidge Dodgson).   Good memories.  Dear friends.

Here are 2 of my favourite "classics".   One play, one novel.

9.  William Wycherley - The Country Wife (1675):   Oh boy -- you thought folks got up to bed hopping mischief on HBO drama and the like?   Believe, rakes and wantons are stories as old as time.   This play was considered extremely explicit for its time; even the title was deemed a lewd pun.   It was actually banned from performance and print for a period of time.

The story unfolds upon two indelicate plot lines:  a) a rake (i.e. bad boy) who feigns impotence in order to safely conduct his affairs, and b) an the London arrival of an innocent young "country wife" -- who soon learns the "joys" of town life!    The dialogue is fantastic and the plot fast.   If you want to expand your reading boundaries, do give it a try.

10.  Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice (1813) - Quite simply, the romantic tale of Elizabeth and Darcy, set within the society of landed gentry, never gets old.    Or tiring.   It's themes are just as relevant placed in a more modern setting.   There's a reason it often places either first, or 2nd (behind Tolkien's Rings) in lists of the most beloved books.

Bonus:  My Current Reads
in the hand:  The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown
on the EReader:  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, by Jonathon Safran Foer  (and do also check out Everything is Illuminated)

Since Nature has decided to dump several inches of snow upon us today, I do believe it is time for a spot of tea by the fire; curled up with one of my most treasured friends.

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