Inspired by  Us Weekly Magazine which I confess I have perused from time to time.   Usually in the bath, or on a long drive.    Not sure why that is, but I had to stop reading it because I discovered one day that I knew more useless facts about celebs...than perhaps my own children.

10 Reasons Celebrities are Just Like Us.   Or How I'm Like Them.  
or Not.

1.   Today's celeb must have super cute accessory:

Got cute kid? - check:

2.  Celeb Mom Style

FAIL:  ROFL.... not even remotely close.
and you will not see photographic evidence.

3.   Rumour has it they put their pants on one leg at a time - just like the rest of us.   I'm not convinced.   I propose a study and appoint myself the early morning checker of "How We Wear our Pants."   I deem this a very necessary Public Service, since a man who doesn't wear his pants well, is really no man at all.   Famous or not.
Test subject nominations are now open.

4.   They tweet.   And clearly have wicked wit.

5.    Are you a celeb mom who enjoys writing?   Sure, we'll publish your book.  (Brooke Shield, Jenny McCarthy, Brooke Burke, Soleil Moon Frye).   Wee, insignificant blogger mom from Canada - not so much.  

6.   The baby weight battle.  What mere everymom can compete with a personal chef, personal trainer and an available nanny?    Pass the Girl Guide cookies please.

7.   The make mistakes.  Sometimes big ones.  Massive.   And the whole world knows.    And judges.
     My fails are not so apparent to all.   I'll take the pay cut considering.

8.   But some are more than just fame whores.   Stars Who are Real Life Heroes

9.  FX.   Some of them do work hard for the money.   The whole green screen thing?   How do you act...when there's nothing there?    I tip my hat to them on this one.    Oh, and that mess and clutter you see around here - all green screen, of course.

10.   But despite all the fortune and glory, I suspect that they too are often just hanging by a very thin rope.  Much like myself.   Sort of.

Now that is a very cool thing to do with your star power.      So ListMaster - what do you think of how he just hangs out there for a spell to get the perfect shot?  

What would you do if you were famous for a day?
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