It's A Party!

No, sorry, not pictures from Angel Girl's 5th birthday party on Saturday.   I didn't take any.
And that is pretty much me summed up by way of introduction.

Full of good intention; well laid out execution?  Not so much.

Ultimate Blog Party 2012But hey....8 children attended the party, and I returned 8 children happy, healthy (although perhaps somewhat sugar-shocked) and whole to their parents.

I gave them super bouncy balls too! You're welcome.

It was a bit tempting to try and sneak in an additional child, but I think they were on to me.
I still have 3 of my own. 

So Welcome!   Bienvenue to my fellow Canucks.
If you are visiting from 5 Minutes for Mom Ultimate Blog Party 2012,  do come on in and make yourself at home.   If you're a regular - do try and look super excited to be here; again.   It'll be good for my party image.   

The Standard bio of course:  "Hi I'm Rory, a 40 something SAHM of 3, who left the corporate world for that of the little people.   Who knew they'd be more demanding and less appreciative than the Federal Government?   Hardest job I've ever loved: and if you agree with that, and drink copious amounts of coffee - we're gonna get along just fine.  I do believe women should raise one another up - so you won't see any thumping in these parts."

If you'd like the more detailed, warm and fuzzy version, simply click on that About Me tab in top menu.  Be forewarned:  I still consider "me" under construction.

Feel free to snoop around:  there's recipes, garden pictures, and even some poetry for all you prose lovers.   I do love a good sonnet, haiku, or even limerick of questionable taste, so feel free to join me each week for a Poetry Workshop I participate in, hosted by my fellow blogger and muse Janice at Mommy's Lounge.  

For other fun stuff, you can find my weekly blogging schedule in the menu tab "How I Blog".   Or just click on anything that moves ....don't worry, it won't hurt any.  

I also host a weekly Tuesday Coffee Chat with linky.    Because, well let's just be honest:  I love to talk and talking is always better over a cup of hot java.  And scandalous topics.   Okay, maybe not quite scandalous:  this weeks' topic will be  Best Movie Moments, but one never knows what random thoughts, or titillating topic will be featured, so do feel feel to come back and check out the chat.  

What else will you find here?

Well, due to the pint sized dictators that live here and their tendency to get way obsessed over certain movies - a marketer's dream come true in triple vision I tell ya -- and some crazy dreams of my own, I do have a blog stalker:   don't worry though, he's easily tamed with some butter beer and a good sonnet.   Quite harmless actually.   Unless, you're a Lord of the Ring fan in truth.  Then his frequent visits can be quite frustrating and annoying.

Aside from allowing the kiddos to take over the blog every now and then, it's mostly just me, myself and I pounding out the daily joys, blessings, stresses and failings of being a "not perfect, just forgiven" kind of mom.   

If you ever find yourself having "one of those days", or you've lost your happy thought, or hope seems to dangle on a string just outta your reach:     I may not have the best advice, the perfect potty training tip, the easiest 5 minute 3 ingredient dinner recipe, or the even know how to take the perfect birthday party pic......but do come over straight away.   I so totally get you.

And this here lil blog -- it will always be a soft place to fall.

P.S  Those fancy lil coffee cups over there on the right - they make it easy for you to stalk me too.
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