It has just occurred to me that I will have nine children aged 4-6 in my house on Saturday. Angel Girls' birthday party.
Remember the big Star Wars party I did for her brother?   (see the Pins here.)
Then naturally she's expecting something really incredible. Smashing really.

Yeah, I got nothing.

It was supposed to a Barbie theme party, but she actually invited more boys than girls.
(that's my girl!)

Thus....yeah, nada.
Not Awesome.
Feel free to forward ideas.   Anytime.   But right frickin now would be super awesome.

 Maybe I will find some inspiration in today's statements.  Hilary's co-host this week is Cathy from Cathy Kennedy’s Blog : she came up with the last two statements (and they are quite tricky!)

1. When I am writing I always have the fireplace on.   Ambiance is everything.

2. A cosmopolitan is my libation of choice.   When the rare occasion presents itself.
It presented much more frequently in my younger days.  

3. The  secret to life is  the art of knowing thyself....and then having the courage to live it.

4. If only I had a clone then I could do it all and everyone would be happy.   And off my back.  Mostly that.

Wish me luck Saturday.   And some actual spring weather would be great too.
Have a great weekend!
 warm wishes sign