I am one tired mama heading into this Easter holiday weekend.
One child sick, and I cringed when hearing the raspy voices of my daughters last night.  Zoo Zoo had a slight fever last night too. 

 And of course, Left Brain goes back on the night shift. Looks like this mama has lost her "zzzz's" for good.   Or at least a long holiday weekend.

Will she gain all the chocolate though?  Stay Tuned!

Each week Hilary list 4 statements for us to complete. If you have any suggestions, contact her and if she uses them, you will be her co-host.  This week’s co-host is Jen from Just another day.

1.       I never wear jewellery and I don't know why.     Despite having 2 holes in each ear, they are currently naked.   I guess in my case, diamonds are annoying things I must struggle to remember to put on each day.    So not like a best friend.   I confess to even forgetting to put my wedding rings back on after gardening.   For shame.   I do like quirky necklaces though.

2.   In the winter I always gain a bit of weight.    How, with all the snow shovelling and snow fort building, and dragging kids around on sleds.....I am not sure.   I guess having extra insulation in the Great White North is not such a bad thing.   

3.   When I travel, I miss my bed.     So unimaginative, but really...is there anything more heavenly than coming home to your own comfy bed?   

4.  I love the way a spontaneous, sticky, squeezing toddler hug feels.     There's the sentimental, gushy answer we were all waiting for  ;)

Have a blessed holiday weekend!
Enjoy some chocolate.... I know I will!

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