Friday has dawned somewhat dark and dreary.
But really, is there anything more fun than splashing in puddles in the morning mist while clutching your warm coffee cup?
Yeah, I could probably think of a few too.

Motherhood is all about balance though.
You let them splash in the puddles, get thoroughly soaked to that point where they are shivering with slightly blue tinged lips which claim, "I'm not cold mama." might just gain yourself a second cup of coffee served with a side of peace and quiet.

Cuz you're like the best mom evah!

I won't reveal my slight of devious hand just yet.
I'm saving it for the teen years, where I am willing to bet the currency of obedience will increase in direct proportion to how badly they want money.   Or the car keys.

One must pace oneself in these things, ya know.

You know how the Friday 4 Fun works.   This week’s co-host is Lisa from third time is a charm

1. I always forget people's names -  yes, including my own children.    Just tell me when and where to claim my Mother of the Year Award.  I've already dust a spot on the mantel:  right next to my Congratulations - You Returned a Phone Call Award.

2. I never load the dishwasher without expert consultation.    Ha!  And you I had any choice in the matter *eye roll*

3. Recently I started to make the kids help out more, and it has helped tremendously!     Back to that balance thing.    Bribery is optional excellent motivation too.

 4. If I had to find a date, the last place I would look for one is.......I know there are some obvious answers here:  work, bar, construction site, but listen, the absolute worse dating scenarios from my single days always, always started with the following sentence:   "Hey, I've got a friend I think you should meet."    Equally disastrous is, "I think you'd be perfect together."

Left Brain, if you are reading this, relax; you are proof that every rule has it's exception.
However, I think we both know the power of "my ass looks spectacular in this"  blue dress overcame any bad karma.   You're welcome ;)  

Now, everyone go find a puddle and have some fun!
Or, just watch your kids or dog splash --- that will be fun too.

 warm wishes sign