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As you know, I ran into a bit of a snag during the last week of March due to a computer bug.   I am very happy to report that I Am Back!!   (I realize that little announcement probably would have helped prior to posting my Coffee Chat.  My bad.)
 So  here are some of my favourite reads from March.   

Delilah at Confessions of a Semi-Domesticated Mama is my new funny gal. Seriously, install Depends before reading about her dog walking adventures.

Some days, I am just so darn proud of my family.   Particular my cousin Paul over at The Ossington Kitchen for writing such an incredible post about the women in his life.

Love Stories?  Want to help write one?  Then you must tune each Sunday to get the latest edition of Brenda's Ferry Tails.   And part two here.   I am hooked already.

I have definitely pondered along the same lines as Kimberly from Mama's Monologues when she asked the question, Where Have I Gone?    To be a whole person; certainly a life time goal of my own.

One of my favourite thing about blogging is when I discover a new blog to follow.   And if a blog introduces me to other great bloggers - where do I click to sign up?    Such is the case over at More Then Mommies with their blogger feature:  The Sunday Sip.     Go check it out, or better yet, email them to be featured.

As for my own post, that morning I had to Talk Dirty to my Keurig, well, that's just classic writing. 

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