Hello grass, goodbye snow.
And thus the foolish Canadian jinxed herself.

I remember feeling this way last year, and then 1 week before Angel Girl's birthday, old Man Winter arrived with another few feet of snow.

An April birthday with a Winter Wonderland theme.    Which wasn't too bad actually since the Christmas lights and decorations were still up *side eye*

But for now the sun is shining, the birds are singing and it would actually be a lovely morn for coffee chat on the back deck.   Just don't mind the mud and the crisp clean scent of country infused air wafting over the trees.   Ah, thawing manure; a sure sign of the arrival of Spring.

Much thanks to all who linked up and shared their Spring Break posts last week.   Today we are continuing the Spring theme:   share the signs you have noticed,  a picture of your newly peeking garden, or what this time of year means to you. 

It is certainly hard to believe that 1 week prior to our March Break, my front walk looked like this:

 And 2 weeks later, I need a rake instead of a shovel:

 My mothers' Snowdrops were in full force last week:

And my own tulips are responding to the warm sun of their faces:

I mentioned the term "March Madness" in my previous post, and most readers would probably relate that to US College Basketball, which in my own student days I was seriously addicted to.   However, here in Canuck-Speak it means something else is running:

I cannot think of a better breakfast morning than sitting at a picnic bench in the middle of the woods and filling your tummy with warm, freshmade pancakes smothered in fresh, pure Canadian maple syrup.   A spring family tradition that is not likely to end.....ever.

All aboard the maple syrup express!

get 'em while their hot!
And a contented full bellied ride back to the car.

There are other colourful signs of Spring about too.   Even more tempting than pancakes perhaps?

Anyone who has endured our long winters would understand the need for celebration.   And no worries about dieting -- with all the raking and garden preparation I will be doing in the next month, I could probably live on these and still lose weight.

Perhaps thats another foolish jinx upon myself.
I don't care:  Spring is Here!

How has your Spring sprung?

NEXT WEEK:   Random Thoughts.   Got something on your mind?  Need to get something off your chest?  Let's do some spring cleaning of the brain.  Don't hold back - come back and tell me all about it.

warm wishes sign