We're on holidays!

Actually...I am not sure why I am so excited.
Nothings really changed. I don't have to rush in the mornings to get everyone out the door, or pack lunches: but I still have to entertain and feed these children who are now seriously hogging into my blogging time now around me all day long for never-ending fun.

Although, I can't really complain about not being someplace warm and sunny that greets a tired mom with some fruity, coconut goodness (don't forget the little umbrella! essential to the fantasy), since I am at my mom's.   No.....I am not really going to Cuba.   *sigh*

Um, hi mom!  thanks for letting us all crash at your house for a week.  sorry about that lovely vase, and the trampled look of your newly sprouted snowdrops.   they were excited to see grass..what can I say?

Anyone else find that vacationing with children.....is in fact, no vacation at all?
Just me?
Oh, well.....you must be one of those lucky sorts that has actually left the country.   One of 6 families we know who are currently at the land of Mickey and Magic.    Which my children have been pointing out to me daily:   we are NOT.  Again.

Don't get me wrong, it would be so nice if we could take them some place fabulous like Disney.   I don't really begrudge anyone else such fantastic blessings -- I went myself as a child.  It's just hard to not be able to give your kids something they see others receiving: annually.    What parent would not want to see the looks of wonder and amazement upon their little faces at such a place?

I spent the vast majority of my summers on my grandparents farm. I felt I knew my grandparents, felt close to them and their love. I don't know how many others can say the same. And I want my kids to have that same rich heritage and blessing in their lives.  To have a special relationship with my parents.

 Oh, I know Mickey, Princesses, Fairies and Buzz Lightyear are pretty hard to compete with right now. But I do hope that as they grow, they will learn to not focus on the things they do not have - or the things they merely want; but on all the blessings around them.   To dream is such a wonderful thing - I would never stamp out that spark in my children.   But I do hope they also know that one cannot become so wrapped up in dreams.....and forget the life around them.

So, I am sorry little ones that yes, again, this year you will return to school to hear tales of magical vacations in castles far, far away.    Please know this:  the bungalow in which you currently lay your weary little heads - well, I happen to know it is full of the greatest magic of all:  Love resides here.   And no matter where you travel, or where you lay your head; in time you will learn:  you will never know a more wonderful, magical language - as that which speaks of home.

Where would your dreams take you today?   Staycation, or vacation?

warm wishes sign