Good morning and happy Tuesday to all of you!
A very special thanks to all you repeat offenders who keep my little chat going.

It's hard to come up with topics every week, so if anyone has something, any topic....really anything at all...just drop me a line.

(You are all shaking your heads at the impossible thought of me ever having nothing to say, aren't you?)

True dat. Especially with all these tangled thoughts tripping around my brain.  Let's set them free, shall we.  I think we'll all feel better.

1.  Spell Check, Spell Check...Wherefore art thou Spell Check?

    I've been meaning to fix my misaligned scrolling blog buttons for awhile now. One of those things that kept slipping my mind, then popping back in.  So I decided to get the code to centre them.   Now, if you are American, you might have picked up on something strange already.   Whereas a Canadian,  wannabe Brit like me didn't and wrote the word "centre" roughly 40 times.  Except, the buttons were still all helter skelter.   Catch it yet?
Ah, spell check in html code, and thus no warning that I should type "center".
I am sorry I ever dissed you Spell Check.

2.   When In Doubt......Don't Pat.

    After what feels like the 211th tummy pat as I have been exiting my church, the library, the grocery store, or really any check out line anywhere, I feel a sign forthcoming:

"I am not pregnant.  Have you not noticed that my stomach has looked this way for 2 years now?  Since the 3rd and final baby made it's way via C section."

Or perhaps just a picture and definition of Diastasis Recti would get the point across quite nicely.    When in doubt.....don't pat.

3.  Blogger Word Verification PSA

    Dear Blogspot Bloggers who are currently requiring word verification in order to leave comments; Have you seen the blurred mess of these words we are supposed to cypher and copy?    I don't mind that anyone wants a little web protection, but I thought I should just let you know:  I am pretty sure I have gotten 85% of these blurred little tests wrong.   And yet, comment allowed.   You're welcome.

4.   Wordpress Commenting Gymnastics

    Thank you Wordpress for teaching me how to jump through web commenting hoops.   My internet skill sets are now complete.    If I follow your Wordpress blog and you haven't heard from me now know why.   I will return once Wordpress installs a little alarm on my desktop that beeps to remind me that I have remained logged into my account before I shut down.  Much like my car lets me know the keys are still in the ignition.   That'd be super duper - thanks.

5.  Suzie Talks A Lot

   Angel Girl will be 5 years old in a couple of weeks.   When she was nearing 2 years, I was concerned that she was not talking that much.     Universe?  Why are you messing with me?
I am pretty sure now that she will Never Ever Shut Up.
(and no "chip off the ole block" comments from the peanut gallery!)

6.  My Stalker Returns

   After I allowed the kids two chances to make their own comments on this here blog, they of course have assumed that now means a daily partnership.    Right up there with "mom, we're hungry", or "where are my clean underwear", I am oft asked "what's on your blog today mom?"

So I says to my children, "children, what is on your mind today?"
Was there ever any doubt?   My children are stalker enablers!

All those movie posters teasing me "It All Ends"'ll never end.
With 5 more movies to watch, and the books to read as the all get older.     Mr DanRad is in my life to stay.

Note:  Star Wars was a close second.   Which leads me to pondering whether they will start having nightmares about older men with pale and scarred faces, wearing black cloaks and carrying big stick like weapons??

7.   Mary Poppins Bag

    Do you remember Mary Poppins magic bag and all the stuff she could fit in there?   Well, I don't think there is a lamp in my purse, but it is pretty amazing what we moms can fit in our bags.   Even more amazing, today when I was actually paying with cash, I had to retrieve a coin from the change part of my wallet.   I kid you not, this is what was in there:
-  2 toonies (that's $4 for you non Canucks)
- 1 loonie  (that's $1)
- 1 penny
- 3 quarters
- 1 dime
-  1 Barbie shoe
-  1 Polly Pocket skirt
-  1 Tim Horton's free coffee winner stub
-  1 earring
What wasn't in there?    The nickel I needed.

Whew!    But I do feel better.    All nice and empty in there now *side eye*

How about you?   Grab a coffee and tell me what's on your mind.  No rules - just let fly.

NEXT WEEK: Pet Peeves. We all got 'em. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours.

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