I wish I could solemnly swear that I have not been watching Harry Potter movies, but I fear the littlest Who in this ville will sell me out for some Dora Fruit Chews and a new McDonald's toy:

 Who's dat mama? who's dat? who's dat?

that's Harry Potter honey. he's a wizard.

Ahhhh, soo cute.   cute Harry.  cute, cute Harry Poddeeeerr!

Little traitor.

So yes, I must confess that despite what could be another round of dreamy and sleepless DanRad filled nights for myself,  I have been watching all the movies because Monkey Boy (7 yrs.) has asked if he could watch them.  Naturally, being a good and wise mother, and despite high personal cost to myself *side eye*, I felt it only proper to view them prior to giving consent.    Thus, so far, he has watched the first two movies and really loved them.   So far no worries, or nightmares. 

I, on the other hand, have watched them all......twice.    You know......just to be sure.
 I'm afraid to go to sleep now.

But that's not a real confession.  Hardly one to hang my hand in shame over (right?) -- especially since I am essentially being a good mother and all.   And I have to admit, I have enjoyed the break from all things Star Wars.

Something more serious?  More juicy?
You mean, more than admitting I took to the stage and shook me booty one night?    I don't think I can top that one.

But I do carry some guilt about something. 
Recently, I have been a bit of a slacker.   A really lazy git, if you will. 
Cleaning?  Cooking?  Bath the kids?  meh. 
This is not me.   I am go, go, go usually.    But my go......seems to have got up and went.
Honestly, I could sit here all day long and do nothing but blog.

And exercise?    fuggeddabout it
For someone who used to hit the gym at least 5 times a week previously, this is not good. Neither is my arse anymore.   I used to really like my arse.   I know I need to change this.   Like.Right.Now.    I just can't seem to find my motivation.    A gym membership is out of the question.    So how do I manage it at home with 3 kids?   One would think picking up the play time fallout each day would be sufficient exercise:  "bend and pick up and place, bend and grab and sort and repeat," but alas, no.  

I know this long winter has not helped.   In the summer we are definitely more active, but I can't wait for the temperature to rise and the sun to shine clearer.   I have to do something now.   I've been reading a book by Dustin Maher Fit Moms for Life.   I was given this book, and when I have completed it, and some of the guidelines, I will do a more thorough review, but for now, I am going to take Dustin's advice and set a goal.    One small step towards change.

In reading Dustin's book, I am discovering why I may not have that ole zip of energy like I used to.    Coffee......I love you.  Oh, you know how I love you.   But I feel we need a little "break".  You see, my body is mostly made of water.   And I haven't been giving my body what it really needs to function best.   So, I am going to change that.   Oh, this is not good-bye.  I could never leave you for good dear java, but from now on, I will see less of you, and more of what is good for me.

So,  I solemnly swear that I am up to More good things........ for me.
My first fitness goal will be to drink more water each day.
The second goal will be to just do 15 minutes a day of something.   Anything.  Stretching.  Free weights.  the exercise ball.  a spontaneous kitchen dance.    Just.Do.Something.

And, if I should find myself in a rut again, the constant Quidditch matches erupting in my living room, well......they're always looking for the next great Seeker.   And mama has a bone to pick with her little  golden curled toddling Snitch.

Hiding a secret?   Feel the need to get something off your chest?    An embarrassing moment you want to share?   Do tell.

warm wishes sign