Gosh darn it - you guys are fast!

Look at the title up there....dontcha know I am in Time Out?

Oh, no worries y'all.   I had challenged myself to take time to play, didn't I?

So this time it is Bits of Bee who has tagged me.  And since I adore her Quotable Quotes - and not just because it feeds my Pinterest Posters Perusal (ah, alliteration is awesome amusement eh?) addiction.

1) Share a funny quote (and link it up for Quotable Bits on Tuesday - I know, shameless plug).
    Oh, no need to plug - you know I am coming to the party.

2) What is your favourite thing to eat?   
     I love pasta.  I can eat anything pasta.   No no-carb diets in this house.   

3) Share a favourite photo you've taken recently, and tell us why it's your fav!
     I feel this is pretty self explanatory:

 4) What is something you like to do just for you?
     This.  Blogging is for me.   Or I guess more specifically, the writing aspect of blogging.   All you lovely people coming to visit me is the cherry on top.

5) Which suits your personality more: dresses and heels or stretch pants and sneakers? Why?
    Stretch pants and.....actually, I don't even bother with the sneakers anymore.   I am normally barefoot.   Yes, even now inside my house when it is -11 outside.   And no, I sometimes don't even put socks on in my winter boots.   They're Uggs -- sheep don't wear socks.

As for the pants:  I have a 2 year old.  She runs.   She falls down.   She runs again.  She wants me to sit on the kitchen floor with her and read books.  Or retrieve lost items she's shoved under the stove.   Dress and heels while I lie prone face down on my dirty kitchen floor contorting myself under equally dirty oven?
No one wants to see that.

6) What would be your dream job?
     Pretty much this.   Get paid to sit and tweet,like, stumble, reddit, blog write worthwhile and life changing articles all day.
 Or a cowgirl.   That would be fun too.

7) What is your favourite thing about blogging?
     Discovering other fantastics writers.   Some may feel intimidated when they read an outstanding blog post; or feel like they don't measure up.   I may have that moment of wishing I had thought of it:  but mostly, I am simply inspired.   And that challenges me to be better.   And I love that about all of you -- so keep up the good work.

8) We all need a little self esteem boost every once in awhile - what do you think is your most beautiful physical feature and why?
Oh boy, you caught me at the wrong time of the month for this one.
Eyes are the standard answer, aren't they?
And thus far, mine have never been bloated from water retention.   My glasses always fit no matter how much pasta I consume.
 So, yes, the eyes have it.

9) How did you meet your husband/partner/best friend?
  At the wedding of mutual friends.   I knew the bride, he knew the groom.   It was a set up - kind of.  I didn't want to go.  Men sucked and I wanted to just throw rocks at them.   But my friend dressed (and liquored) me up and pushed me into a cab.   I met Left Brain, (or guy who dances to all the 80's tunes at weddings as I called him then), we hit it off and started long distance dating.   Got married.   Had babies.  I started a blog.

10) Which of these are you most addicted to, and why? Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
   I would probably have to go with Pinterest because.....OH LOOK!!!   More  "Hey Girl photos with Ryan Gosling!"

sorry, what was the question?

11) Link us to a favourite post you've written. Why is it your fav?

I love to look up into the sky at night.   See what face the moon decides to show us.   A Lover's Moon - clear and bright?  Or a Liar's Moon - dark and gray?    The night I wrote the following post was a Liar's Moon and staring at it from my bedroom window illicited such wistful longing that I had never before known.    This Prose flowed unchecked.  I think it personifies all the reasons why this mom needed time out to rediscover the woman behind the mom.

Since I am technically on vacation this week, I won't tag anyone because it is not likely that I will have time to read any replies.   Or I might be too tired to think of  any questions.   probably that.
Feel free to answer the ones above if you like.   But I do highly recommend dropping by Bits of Bee to link up your own Quotable Bits.

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