I have seen the 6WS meme on other's blogs for awhile now, but I have never participated myself.

 Want to play along at Show my Face?  All that's necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words. For more information, try clicking here. Feel free to explain or not explain. Add an image, a video, a song, nothing.

Me...say something in only 6 words? Seriously?

But today I found myself uttering something that I suddenly realized was only 6 words:

Harry Potter Saved My Toddler's Life!

You see, there are some people out there, who like a certain villain shall remain nameless, that roll their eyes at me when I say things like, "I have not even showered today because the kids have kept me so busy."    Actually, it's more fear than lost time that's keeps me dirty.....but happy.

Perhaps they do not have any children, or perhaps their children will sit quietly in front of the TV, or patiently play with a toy while they get their clean on.   Perhaps they are super fast showerers......clean-masters... whateve:  because I consider myself pretty quick in the loo when time is of essence.   And with a 2 year old on the loose; time is always of the essence.   This is what Zoo Zoo got up to while I was singing Disney tunes efficiently managing my shower time:

*   took the Dora tape out of the VCR and crammed in 2 DVD's
*   spilt the salt from the dining table all over the kitchen floor
*   pulled all the playdoh supplies down from the shelf, and gave herself a playdoh shampoo
*   pulled a dining chair up to the kitchen counter and was attempting to make coffee (ah, bless her heart, right?)..... unfortunately she was focusing more on making sugar castles than actual coffee

This is what my 2 older children, Monkey Boy and Angel Girl, were doing during this storm of destruction:

* nothing

I came out of the shower to find her screaming in the middle of the floor, stripped of her pj's, and attempting to put on her bathing suit.   WT.??!!

And there, in the midst of early morning chaos, whilst I am standing dripping wet in my towel sweeping the floor, my negligent toddler guards are both demanding things like, "please change the batteries in my Leapster Explorer," and "please can I watch the 4th Harry Potter now?", and "please mommy, make us some breakfast?"

Mommy's last nerve went ping:   Alright!   Enough!   Can I not have 15 minutes to get myself together in the morning!?  Seriously?   You all had better do something really helpful, or at least cute soon.....and fast!

Sweeping done, I turn to put the playdoh, salt....and something green (OMG! was that ham? hot dog?) into the trash, when the the pitter-patter-pounding of little feet turns my head about:

And there is Zoo Zoo straddling her play-broom and "flying" around the kitchen table screaming "Harry Potter, Harry Potter, I'm Haaaaaarrrryyyy PPPPPoooottter!"    With one Angel Girl Dementor and one Monkey Boy Horntail dragon in hot pursuit.

Zoo Zoo, I says, why are you being Harry Potter?

So cute mama,  Harry so cute.

(Mama's internal dialogue:  No, honey, you're so cute.  And just in time too.   It's saved your life yet again.)

Well played little one, well played.

Mama's Saturday morning survival guide:   place things even higher on shelves, tape VCR door shut,  clear dining table,  Tim Horton's has drive thru...make use of it, and always remember:   shower the night before.

Side note:  Spell check...really?   playdoh to Playboy?   pitter to potter, patter to putter, and Potter to Plato?   you're an honest to goodness nuisance somedays.  do something cute - fast.
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