Poetry Workshop#2: March 13
Good Samaritan Day

There’s not enough love in the world. Write a poem highlighting a good deed. Fact or fiction. Deed done by you or by another’s. It’s your choice!

Home again!  *sigh*   But I am quite late to the party this week.   But in all fairness, well...I was at another party.

A party for two.

A party that would not have happened if not for someone's good deed.

And yes, I can confirm quite soundly:   there was a whole lotta love in the world  *wink*

no more tantrums
no more fights
mama's on holidays
R & R in my sights

no need to worry
no need to fear
Grandma's on duty
while mama's not here

No need to holler
no need to scream
go ask your grandma
I hear she's got ice cream

don't bring me no troubles
don't ask me for stuff
think this is your vacation?
well, I work hard enough

I promise you'll have fun
there will even be cake
but thanks to my mommy
I'm on my March Break!

I'm dashing back home
in a blink for a kiss
thanks to moms' good deed
there'll be one night of quiet bliss!

you know I'll be back...
so stop with the pouts
love & good deeds always come 'round
of that, have no doubts!

Normally I am asked how long it takes to bang out a poem like this.    This one took about 10 minutes during the drive back home.   hate me now -- but you have to understand, I was highly motivated.    The house was quiet, the wine was chilling, dinner was grilling.....my honey was grinning!    And that's all the picture you're gonna get!   LOL

So special thanks to my mommy and daddy who took my 3 angels for a night so that Left Brain and I could have a nice evening at home.   (we did have a special project to do -- no, not that one -- another one, which you'll see at a later date.)

And special mention to Left Brain.  Just. Thanks ;)

warm wishes sign