Poetry Workshop

Apparently March 6th was National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day.

Apparently I have been too distracted by other things.....although I hesitate to use the phrase "magically delicious" in confessing said distractions *side eye*

(And yes, special thanks to my cousin Paul over In the kitchen who recommended I Google "Equus":   No, No, bloody heels, I'm not linking to it and become an enabler myself!  but holy mother of Potter Hotter on a Horse!   Here I was thinking they'd all just go to Disney after defeating He Who Must Not Be Named, but apparently, no:  the full monty it tis.)

So, where was I?
Oh yes, a prose challenge regarding yummy desserts!  Whipped cream topping, pudding filling, cherry on top.....goodness gracious.  end this post while you're ahead will ya.

My favourite dessert.   hhhhmmmmm...
Well, of course, if you are still with me....is there any doubt really? 
Right - coconuts it is then.  


With monkey-like grace, I'd scale yonder tree
just for a taste of what's calling to me
punch out a hole, and stick in the straw
for that sweet milky taste, my hunger gnaws
slice off the top, add lime for da zest
pour in the de rum, it mixes de best
chop it, scoop it, make the flesh all creamy
blend with vanilla for a taste so dreamy
on graham crust, or perfect pie pastry
when timer is done, it'll be quite tasty
the taste of the islands, all fluffy and light
the tart and the sweet, balanced just right
now shred some up, put it a-top
for that mouth-watering scent, I simply can't stop
for this sweet taste, I can no longer deny
straight to the isles, away I would fly
away from this snow, this damp, this chill
to lie in the sand and drink my fill
till the stars have all set, into my bed I pour
and wake to the call of "Coconut" ever more.

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 And apparently, Coconut water is all the rage amongst the hip and famous.   I could definitely up my water intake easily if I had this!   Who knew I was in the know.

What's tempting you these days?
(You can always Confess  later.)

Next Coffee Chat:  March Break is next week and I will be having a mini vacation.  So, naturally it begs the question:   Spring Break, Aye or Nay?
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