Poetry WorkshopEasy-peasy poetry prompt today.   Free verse.  
Yay - who likes rules anyway?

Or so I thought so easy.

Then Left Brain started the night shift and I have been alone - in the basement - while my children slumber above.   Watching all the Harry Potter movies (because it's good to do a little research on your stalker - ha ha - actually, 7 year old wants to watch them, so I have to review to ensure they are not too scary.   yeah, that.)

It doesn't help matters that this house, warmed by the sun during daylight, but when the night chill drops  -15, well, you're gonna hear some creaks and groans.

I did not think I was so jittery, but my prose proves otherwise:

Fear, running me
touching me
With cold hands
Twisting my heart
And tearing my soul.
Hiding underneath
It's hooded glare
an approaching train
suddenly appearing
the resounding crash inevitable.

Specifically, that crash was heard somewhere beyond our patio doors which lead to the back deck.
Would you go investigate?
I did.   Guess I'm not such a scardey-cat after all.

I turned to my old friend Poem Generator to try to birth a more happy and hopeful result.   Plugging in all kinds of images related to how the rosy dawn shines upon this most recent snowfall, and how the trees are hung low with icy, white coverings; while I cozy  by the fire - dream of a spring that seems it will never come.

As snow does to a fire inside the cool pierced with light;
her sweet madness beautiful as snow;
lies in wait for more than a thousand years!

In the wine of daylight the shivering willows.
who with a cloak of ignorance, grin at the sky.
Entwine their thin arms, dropping pollen like commas.
and proudly displays golden where the stars are sleeping.

And on the horizon, in the shadowy glade where
it is the nymph with soft little shivers
who whispers in an eternal voice, but endless;

I no longer felt myself, huddled inside the relentless freeze,
but devouring the green azures of yellow-blue awakenings
where dawns are heartbreaking, under pearl skies.

 by RoryBore & Arthur Rimbaud

Even I don't get it.

Scared and Confused......and watching movies until I fall asleep.
Baby come home soon!

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