Poetry WorkshopI have managed to get the old laptop fired up with enough juice to hopefully crank out this poetry post.

But this computer, and I use the term loosely, is slower than bailing water with an eyedropper. 

So I am very sorry if I am not around this weekend to visit your blogs, return comments, tweets, Likes, or even email.   It's not likely to be "all systems go" until Monday.

Sure wish there was a speedier fix.   But, who ya gonna call?
Well, my current techno issues just happens to fit quite nicely with this weeks' prompt.

Beatrice , the Mac OS X Wannabe
you only want me, when you really need me
and I love it when you're in trouble
I'll come running, on the double

hey this is my car:

don't laugh...it takes me where you are

pounding the keys, clicking that mouse
you want it fast - so straight to your house
cursing at the blank empty screen
Oh, but I can find out where you've been
What?  You got no protection?
Fool of a Took! let that be your lesson.

surf safely you must, when on the net
or a sickly hard drive you'll surely get
them hacks can be quite sneaky
they do not tread meekly
But lucky for you, Beatrice's got your back
I'll fix you right up, get you back on track
Gone is your nasty bug - all is well
Reboot your Mac, all will be swell
I'll be outta your hair, in just a lick
But Please....next time, be careful what you click!

However, a very Special Mention to Left Brain - for a) being Left Brained and thus useful in these situations - whereas I am on the verge of a melt down (especially since my coffee maker was also on the fritz....again!), and b) for losing much sleep on the night shift to help his poor wee frantic blogger deal with the DT's.  

warm wishes sign